The Allaria™ Bath Collection by Brizo® A Work Of Rare Alchemy

AUG 8, 2022 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
A WORK of RARE ALCHEMY The innate beauty of elemental shapes, the strange magic of combination. The Allaria™ Bath Collection is a carefully orchestrated composition that casts a peculiar charm. Photograph courtesy Brizo®
THE MATERIAL AND MYSTICAL UNITE. At once enticing and enigmatic, the new Brilliance® Black Onyx / Matte Black split finish holds a peculiar charm.; Photograph courtesy Brizo®
Line and curve. Plane and arc. The Allaria™ Bath Collection begins with simple forms. Alone, each is unassuming. But combine the elements, and a transformation occurs, creating an alluring force.; Photograph courtesy Brizo®
The Allaria™ Bath Collection is a full, customizable suite to outfit the entire bath space., Photograph courtesy Brizo®

Brizo, the luxury fittings brand owned by Delta Faucet Company, understands that  fashion isn’t only about the clothes – it’s about the entire lifestyle. The Brizo team  aims to offer distinctive designs that don’t just complete rooms, they inspire spaces.  To that end, the Brizo brand is constantly pushing the limits on design, craftsmanship  and innovation such that no detail is ever too small to be thoroughly obsessed over.

Choose the simplicity of the knob handle, the instinctive lines of the lever handle or the intrigue of the twist lever handle.; Photograph courtesy Brizo®

Allaria, the new bath collection from Brizo, is a beautiful example of streamlined  modernism with an alluring twist. Minimalistic lines and curves blend together  offering a whole new inspiration for designers.

Artful nuance creates a mesmerising effect in the Brilliance® Black Onyx / Matte Black split finish. The striking contrast is at once enticing and enigmatic.; Photograph courtesy Brizo®

Allariaincorporates unparalleled craftsmanship while capturing the harmony of  minimalism, simple forms and inviting curves that transform into a work of art.  

Entrancing contours soften the collection’s minimalist silhouettes. Available in both Square and Arc configurations, the ribbon spout puts a captivating twist on streamlined modernism. Photograph courtesy Brizo®

It embodies soft modernism by combining curved geometric shapes with striking split  finishes and is available in both square and arc configurations, while the ribbon spout  puts a captivating twist on streamlined simplicity. 

Each of the handle options adds elevated detail. Choose from the transcendent simplicity of the Knob Handle, the instinctive lines of the Lever Handle or the undeniable intrigue of the Twist Lever Handle; Photograph courtesy Brizo®

Allariais also enticing and enigmatic, with the charm of Black Onyx/Matte Black  split finish combining with the intrigue and grandeur of the various handle options  like the twist lever and the Luxe Gold/Clear mixed material handle. 

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