Tarun Tahiliani’s first rugs endeavour is for Obeetee

JAN 10, 2017 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
In a home that is replete with stylish fabrics, smart furniture and intriguing curios, why should rugs be design-starved? This is why Obeetee decided to create something that would leave you tongue tied – a range of carpets made in collaboration with couturier Tarun Tahiliani titled Proud to be Indian.
Let’s face it – when fashion meets decor, incredible things happen. This gorgeous handmade collection is steeped in quintessential traditional designs that honour our glorious heritage. “The support and help from Obeetee was incredible – there wasn’t a strict timeline, so I was able to take my time to create something spectacular. We took a year to envision these but each carpet was made with intense dedication and hard work of artisans. What makes them special is that they are all bound in zari threads and blue kasab; something that’s never been used before,” shares Tarun.
Three series have emerged from this. First are antique framed rugs inspired by the borders painted on the most elaborate Indian and Mughal miniature paintings. Here, each rug encapsulates the mood and is finished with a distressed look to reflect the patina of that era. Indian reds, burgundies and rusts dominate and bring out the celebratory spirit of our country. The second is based on the traditional embroidery art of chikankari inspired by sari and jaals and vines from Persian gardens. The third are created using Tarun’s own paintings as the muse.
The construction of these beauties is quite the hero – these were made with a specific skill set – over 150 knots per square inch. Hand knotted in silk and imported wool, these rugs spell luxury. “When we decided to launch a collection that would truly signify and honour India, we couldn’t think of anyone other than Tarun, who is known for his deep association with Indian designs. You can see beautiful Kairi bootis and floral patterns on the rugs, and each looks nothing less than artworks,” avers Gaurav Sharma, MD, Obeetee. The limited edition designs were recently launched at a gala event at the Bikaner House in New Delhi and will be made available for patrons soon. Keep a look out!
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