Take a tour of this Hyderabad home that marries traditional accents with a contemporary twist

DEC 11, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri
Shades of blue are carried throughout the house
Floral painted walls and vibrant upholstery adorn the children's bedroom
A memory wall creates the perfect backdrop for this plush sofa
An enchanting vine tree sculpture rests against a turquoise backdrop alongst on the walls
Custom-made Indian antiques which are sourced from Cochin and Mumbai are used in this stylish living room
Plush seating and striking decorative bird lighting from Moooi are featured in the dining room
A view of the theater room
Subtle cane finish highlights the bookshelf
(L-R) View of the bedrooms
(L-R) Materials such ikat fabric and thandur used in the second dining room add pizzazz to the contemporary Indian theme of the home ; Plush furniture and vibrant colours adorn the spaces

Resting on the design notes of modern India, this stunning residence in Hyderabad is an amalgamation of craft and contemporary—nestled in the heart of the bustling city in the upscale Banjara Hills neighbourhood, the canvas rests on reclaiming traditional forms and inviting modish design. Crafted by Sona Reddy of Sona Reddy Studio for a cheerful family of four, the house is a mix of modern and Indian woven together with splashes of Art Deco as well.

The blueprint of the house is framed around a courtyard. Seamlessly, the visual poetry around the design connects the common areas and the private spaces.

The main courtyard catches your attention even before you step inside the living space. The striking blue cement finish with lotus motifs made of raw stone is reminiscent of a quiet evening at the Bahá’í House of Worship. While white walls, serve as a canvas for an immersive explosion of colours, vibrant upholstery and accents in primary colours have been used as features.

Striking blue cement finish with lotus motifs made of raw stone

The living space is stylishly furnished with custom-made Indian antiques which are sourced from Kochi and Mumbai—blending the old with new. “Local artisans helped piece the charming house together. My vision was to create a contemporary haven with a traditional infusion. To rival the challenge, we decided to source all the items from within the country!” says Sona.

A beautiful arrangement of custom-made frangipani flowers adorn the staircase wall

As you make your way to the dining space, the drool-worthy decor and arrangement is a definite show-stopper. An enchanting vine tree sculpture rests against a turquoise backdrop along the walls. While resting on the plush seaters, one can’t stop staring at the decorative bird lighting from Moooi, which doesn’t strive hard to make its way into our ‘favourites list!’

The second dining room is a direct contrast with local materials such as ikat fabric and thandur. It is used to decorate the ceiling and wooden wall panels which adds pizzazz to the contemporary Indian theme of the home. Custom-made installations of frangipani flowers adorn the stairway of the house.

“There are many installations like such around the house. My personal favourite is the pop-up cow handles on the prayer room door,” says Sona. Pace across the living space to the children’s bedroom and you will find vibrant upholstery, floral painted walls which are synonymous with the animated vibe that the address holds!

The “eclectic” vibe resonates in the entire place, with a timeless quality to design. “It is a culmination of stylish furniture pieces, innovative ideas, an intriguing blend of Indo-meets-western that manages to look effortless and timeless,” she concludes.