Take a tour of Susanne Khan’s breathtakingly beautiful apartment

DEC 28, 2018 | By Pragnya Rao
The dining area is one of Sussanne’s favourite spaces – she loves spending time here with her two kids and calling over the entire family “for cookouts”. The table and chair set are both creations from Sussanne’s Pret range, while the large East Gate mirror on the left is from Andrew Martin.
A botanical dresser table handcrafted in solid wood with curios and cosmetics is the centre of attention in the fitting room.
Antique French regal tea set from Hallmark and hand painted jewelled cups sourced from Fradkof Paris.
The dressing area has large ceiling to floor mirrors that make it more open and bright. Patent leather luggage from Louis Vuitton sits on the floor.
In the same play area, a comfy reading corner with Luggage Leather wallpaper in the backdrop and pop art cushions, both from Andrew Martin.
Closeup detail of the Andrew Martin storage cabinet’s door.
A wider view of the larger than life living room decorated with a generous helping of old accents and contemporary furniture. Regent wallpaper from Andrew Martin that resembles hand painted wood panels and antique inspired lanterns from Sussanne Khan’s Pret line on the ceiling, give the room the ambience of a vintage library. On the floor lies an ikat Tibetan silk carpet from ABC Home, New York contributing to the space’s minimal inclusion of bright colours. In the centre, a bespoke handcrafted oak wood centre table by Andrew Martin supports silver trays and vases from Hallmark.
A curated corner in a far end of the living area. A long digital artwork by Manjunath Kamath hangs over a bespoke Andrew Martin console with a silver vase from Hallmark and an ornate mirror frame by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.
The children’s room with a feature wall in Expedition Novelty Map wallpaper from Ralph Lauren. Propped with pop art cushions from Andrew Martin, the bunk bed from Sussanne’s Pret line comes with innovative storage for toys, books and knick-knacks.
Sussanne’s lush terrace and the skyline are reflected on a large nickel framed mirror from the designer’s Pret line of furniture and accents.
The children’s bedroom has a red Lego-like wall with frames of sketches by Sussanne’s children. The small chair is from Sussanne’s Pret line.
In the same area – her “favourite lookout space” – rests a hand-carved sofa and oak wood peg table, both from her Pret range. The lemonade drink dispenser used as a flower vase is from

Bold accents and furniture meet delicate details in this striking Mumbai apartment perched on the 21st floor, home to Sussanne Khan and her two kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. A tastefully done living area with large French windows opens out to the terrace, offering panoramic views of the sea and a horizon that stretches as far as the eyes can see. The spacious, six room residence came with a robust shell, including a green balcony that encircled the entire house – enabling the interiors specialist to put it together, in just about a month and a half. THE GROUNDWORK “The basics were done quickly, but I feel a home comes together gradually,” reveals the interior designer, who somehow found time between decorating this place, and managing her city-based store The Charcoal Project, handling assignments around the world as a Creative Director for residential and hotel design company Yoo and being Style Editor at lifestyle e-commerce site “It’s the layering, through souvenirs from ones’ travels, art, books, etc that lend character to the space.” AESTHETIC ATTRIBUTESThroughout the interiors, there’s a generous mix of the old and the new that contribute to the space’s warm lived-in vibe. Contemporary art sits pretty with classical paintings and pieces…not to mention a library of books and a never-ending trail of her sons’ toys. Her inspiration comes from travel, but as is evident from the Art Deco features that meet the goth-like elements, her biggest influence is “the raw quality yet the chicness of French interior design fused with the masculinity of a stoic, almost industrial New York or LA loft”. Constantly pursuing balance in her everyday life and design, she believes it is key to a sense of wellbeing. Her coop had to be as integral to the kids’ lives as hers; so it’s natural that there are no out of bound areas, no chamber too precious for them to whizz in and out of. The walls in the play area have framed sketches of superheroes pat down to the detailed armour, drawn by the children. “Think of how much fun it will be, if I manage to have them here till they are 30!” remarks Sussanne with an impish grin. LUCKY CHARMS Time with her loved ones is sacred. “The kids and I sit, eat and chat together during meal times,” she adds with a content smile. “On weekends, my parents, brother and his family get together…it’s a madhouse with the children running around, plates of yummy food passed about and glasses of wine refilled….” Her go-to spot? “I love sitting there,” she points to the terrace. “It’s so therapeutic, to be able to experience the horizon in this crazy city. It’s a gift to myself,” she signs off with calm.