We can’t “contain” our excitement over architect Akshat Bhatt’s stunning workspace

AUG 13, 2019 | By Aneesha Bhadri
Under a ceiling of exposed brick desks are aligned in the workspace; Photograph by Jeetin Sharma
Akshat Bhatt pictured outside the studio; Photograph by Tanuj Ahuja
Detail of the decorative bird suspended near the entrance; Photograph by Jeetin Sharma
The main entryway to the studio; Photograph by Jeetin Sharma
A gravel pathway leads to the studio; Photograph by Jeetin Sharma
The meeting room boasts birch ply walls and a white Saarinen-esque table; Photograph by Jeetin Sharma
Another angle of the studio showcases an open library, multicoloured wishbone chairs and a long table; Photograph by Jeetin Sharma
The glass facade streams in sunlight brightening up the entire place; Photograph by Jeetin Sharma

Having found the ideal site for his studio in Delhi, principal architect Akshat Bhatt of Architecture Discipline, along with his team, set a seemingly ambitious deadline of 60 days to move into the new place. With dogged determination, their plan was realised within an astounding 48 days.

In the seven weeks spent building the office, the practice created a 3,000 sq ft, flexible workplace that is cocooned in a tranquil, manicured lawn with tall trees, turning the site into a quiet, customisable and interactive design studio.

It’s all green…
Quaint boulevards lined with ficus foliage conceal the workplace’s view from nondescript black gates. A gravel pathway leads to a scarlet shipping container that is placed on a mound of earth. This cuboid, with its acoustically lined double glazed facade, makes for an ideal space for meetings or even some downtime.

Next to it is the studio—a black and white box enveloped by lush vegetation. Perforated screens on the South facing windows cut down the glare, while allowing a glimpse of the changing sky. A modest colour palette plays on the interaction of the indoors and outdoors. “The white outside reflects the heat and looks pristine, while the black interiors draw attention to the vibrant scenery outside,” says Bhatt

….and minimal

Beyond the 4m-high foyer, an open library features colourful wishbone chairs around a white table. This space overlooks the front lawn, guarded by trees with trim foliage, which allows diffused light to stream into the workplace and reduces the dependence on artificial lighting. Further, the interiors are characterised by charcoal black brick walls, birch ply tables and a cork floor for its acoustic properties and easy upkeep.
The conference room has a manually operable floating partition with a sliding ceiling, inspired by Pierre Chareau and Bernard Bijoret’s Maison de Verre in Paris. In keeping with the French home’s modern architectural approach, the studio uses materials that are not glossed over by paint but allowed to exist in their natural state.
The workspace also features recreational zones such as a music room and a badminton court. Overall, Bhatt’s design encourages the interaction between nature and movement turning Architecture Discipline into a fluid and synergetic destination that makes working a true pleasure.