This Bengaluru duplex by Anisha Chandy treads a conscious medley of soothing sustainability

FEB 8, 2024 | By Aanya Jain
Light wooden arches and pops of colour through plants, books and curios add a whimsical aura to the children's room; Photography by Roshan Paliath, styled by Anisha Chandy Design Studio and Soul Space Design Studio
Sunlight filters through the living room, adjacent to which is the balcony. The art work adds splashes of colour to the otherwise neutral space; Photography by Roshan Paliath

When the owners of this home approached Anisha Chandy, she couldn’t have been happier. The 2,200 sq ft south Bengaluru duplex was the perfect partnership between the two, who were deeply committed to sustainability.

The young family urged the team at Anisha Chandy Design Studio to prioritise environmentally conscious materials and methods throughout the project. “Fortunately, our ongoing exploration of sustainable design aligned seamlessly with their vision, fostering an enthusiastic collaboration,” explains Anisha, founder of the firm. 

In the living room, a plush sofa is contrasted by the contemporary coffee table. The plants bring out the green of the modern art hung on the wall. The vase has been sourced from Hybiscus; Photography by Roshan Paliath, styled by Anisha Chandy Design Studio and Soul Space Design Studio

Convincingly cohesive

For the family of four, an engaging environment that facilitated spending time together was crucial. Family bonding and shared experiences were at the heart of the brief and are now clearly at the heart of the home. By breaking down most walls on the lower floor, the design team was able to create a floor plan that was open and inviting. 

Lights from Prism Lights highlight the beautiful tapestry on the wall. The dining area is the perfect fit for the young family; Photography by Roshan Paliath


Pendant lights from Fleck cast a soft glow over the kitchen defined by clean lines. The vases are from Hybiscus while the flooring is from The Concrete Works; Photography by Roshan Paliath

Step into the foyer of the home which perfectly combines practicality with aestheticism. The raw wood bank of cabinets accompanied by cane storage baskets alludes to the retreat-like spaces further within the home. As one meanders into the living spaces, a cosy sun-filled living room can be seen. Overlooking the living area is the open kitchen.

As though it is straight out of a magazine, the kitchen has wood counters with white tops and three contemporary lights hanging above the island. Beside the kitchen, is the dining area, just the right size for the family of four. The otherwise modern spaces have a touch of old-world charm owing to the tapestry and display unit.

The light wood of the furniture along with the neutral colour palette brings an airy feel to the naturally lit kitchen; Photography by Roshan Paliath


Rattan doors conceal the puja room under the staircase. A simple swing occupies the stairwell; Photography by Roshan Paliath

Deeper within the home is the stairwell that houses the puja room. Bringing nostalgia, the space has rattan shutters along with a Mysuru inlay work handle. As one treads up the staircase, the attention to detail that the designers have put in is evident. The handrail has been redesigned to ensure a comfortable grip for the young children who may be running up and down the staircase. 

The upper floor hosts a library, the children’s room and the master suite. Any book lover’s dream, the library is stocked with books and is an adaptable space that doubles as a music room. The children’s bedroom truly embraces the free spirit of children. With a loft play area and LEGO wall, the space draws the line between fun and functionality.

Bold black doors frame the library that doubles up as a music room; Photography by Roshan Paliath

The star feature of the master suite and in fact the star feature of the entire home, is the master bathroom. A brilliant piece of the design, the shower area doubles as a splash pool for the children. The use of micro-concrete in the space evokes a spa retreat feel that resonates with the rest of the home. 

Simple and sophisticated

In a home where sustainability is key, the materials and textures play an important role. The materials selected lean heavily towards natural elements. Within the budget, the choice led to rubber wood – a material that has garnered deep appreciation for its environmentally conscious qualities and aesthetic appeal. The use of micro-topped surfaces adds to the cohesive design and tactile allure. Deliberately designed to evoke a soothing ambience, the spaces avoid an abundance of colours. The palette predominantly features natural greys, plant-inspired greens, wooden tones and touches of polished black. 

The children’s room is characterised by playful forms and light wood floors and accents; Photography by Roshan Paliath


Playful yet practical, the children’s room has a space for each activity; Photography by Roshan Paliath

To top the sustainable efforts, was a pivotal collaboration with Saahas NGO through the Circular Realty Project. “This initiative focused on conscientious waste segregation and responsible disposal of construction materials, leading to the appropriate management of nearly seven tractor loads of waste,” explains Anisha.

A tranquil tale 

This duplex is a true example of how sustainability can be at the forefront of design along with aestheticism and functionality. The deep understanding and collaboration between the homeowners and Anisha Chandy Design Studio has resulted in a convincingly cohesive space, where bonding and togetherness are fostered. “This fusion creates a unique and inviting atmosphere, intertwining the best of both modernity and classic aesthetics,” concludes Anisha.

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