This Hyderabad home by NA Architects uses Boca do Lobo’s covetable products

JUN 27, 2020 | By Paahini Agarwal
The family living room is designed with a subtle palette and furnishings from Boca do Lobo; Photographs by Photographix India
The expansive dining area is illuminated by elegant lights; Photographs by Photographix India
The family living room opens to a lush garden; Photographs by Photographix India
The lobby features minimal furnishing and wooden panels; Photographs by Photographix India
The central stairs connect the levels of the abode; Photographs by Photographix India
The pool side is an ideal spot to unwind; Photographs by Photographix India
The daughter's bedroom is done up in cream shades and accented by gold detailing; Photographs by Photographix India
Baby pink hues dominate the daughter's ensuite bathroom; Photographs by Photographix India
The opulent and spacious master suite features an outdoor seating area; Photographs by Photographix India
View of and from the master bedroom; Photographs by Photographix India
The son's bedroom uses bold upholstery and minimal furniture; Photographs by Photographix India
The home theatre features cushy seaters and quirky lighting; Photographs by Photographix India
A view of NR House—belonging to and designed by Niroop Reddy of NA Architects—in Hyderabad at dusk; Photographs by Photographix India

NR House is a private residence situated in the affluent neighbourhood of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad that’s conceptualised by NA Architects, founded by Niroop Reddy. The interior design project is conceived as a gallery‐esque space with clear, open areas. Green homes are usually assumed to be simple and minimal but the design firm has managed an enviable balance for NR house. Its construction is awarded a Platinum rating as an IGBC Green home, while its interiors are decked using luxurious finds from renowned brand Boca do Lobo. 

“The main goal was to achieve sustainability with luxury. We wanted to showcase that eco-friendly homes can be luxurious. Since this is our private house, we had complete creative freedom to experiment with the concept,” say the design couple Niroop and Rupana Reddy. 

The formal living room features a high ceiling and comfortable seaters with quirky wall accents. Also seen are the Wave centre table and couch by Boca do Lobo; Photographs by Photographix India

Located adjacent to a 20 ft, single glass opening and monolithic stone clad wall is the similarly heighted main door. It opens up to a living room, where a rustic, stone clad wall forms the backdrop. The space features a seating arrangement, complete with a cushy couch and Wave centre table, both by acclaimed Portuguese brand Boca do Lobo. 

From here, the views are quite a sight for sore eyes. Looking outwards reveals a swimming pool that’s aligned to the length of the house, creating an illusion of continuous space. A pool deck with outdoor seating around a forest-like plantation is a reminder of beachy summer holidays. 

An outdoor seating space in the home features unique seaters; Photographs by Photographix India

Meanwhile, a look indoors reveals several pieces of boulders that have been cut and articulated to the desired shape to act as steps leading to the heart of the home. The dining area with the Heritage Dining Table by Boca do Lobo is further down and serves as an access point to the east garden. 

The abode’s prayer space is designed with a simple palette; Photographs by Photographix India

The interiors of the lower level is designed to be an excellent spot for hosting friends and family, both indoors as well as outdoors. Two guest bedrooms are located on this same floor. A geometric staircase leads to the upper storey, which houses the more private parts of the home—the master suite and the children’s rooms. 

The master bedroom features a spacious walk-in closet using a plush material palette; Photographs by Photographix India

The master suite opens up onto a large garden terrace, where city views can be enjoyed from the hot tub placed outdoors. The son’s room has two levels—it houses a lounge and study on the lower zone and a sleeping area with an ensuite bathroom on the upper one. A distinguishing factor in the daughter’s room is its modern classical white theme, adorned with handmade porcelain flowers from the brand Villari. 

This bathroom features a snake print sink that adds a pop of colour; Photographs by Photographix India

In the basement, beside the home theatre, is a 1920 old Lambretta scooter that is the focal point of the bar area. Here, high quality European furnishings and finishes are paired with midcentury design to add a touch of understated luxury. 

The son’s bathroom is done up in marble accents; Photographs by Photographix India

Some of the green features in this home are the inclusion of organic vegetation and solar panels on the terraces as well as the use of clerestory windows that wash the interiors with natural light. Indeed, the home ensures an uninterrupted flow of light and air, adequate cross ventilation and views from each of the rooms to the surrounding canopy of trees.

The Reddys’ first objective for their private home was to try to maximise the perception of space. It has been achieved by creating generous outdoor covered spaces to give a sense of the interiors spilling outwards. An organic palette, semi precious and natural stone accents, rich textures, sprawling water features and structured ceilings, combined, result in a sophisticated hierarchy in this home.