Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Sahyadris is Linear House, a project by Rohit Bhoite, which makes the most of its verdurous environs

NOV 2, 2020 | By Aneesha Bhadri
The living room of Linear House, styled by Samir Wadekar, opens out to the pool and gazebo in the backyard. Seen here is the TV unit and a Defurn console on the left, set against the wall and floor by Diesel and Iris. Linen curtains cut the glare on hot days; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
French windows by Belgium company Deceuninck allow a panoramic view of the landscaped front yard from the living room; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
Custom made minimalist art from Forshan lends a spot of colour in the Black master bedroom, which is furnished with Diesel sheets on the wall and a carpet from Cocoon Fine Rugs. Bespoke hanging lights with a metal mesh encased in a glass tube flank the painting; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala
A blue palette presides over the guest bedroom with bespoke lighting and bed, and tiles by Bharat Floorings and Tiles. A Hatsu console sits against the wall beside the ensuite facility’s entrance; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

A rectangular structure of towering glass walls and sloping roofs makes up Linear House or Uday Villa as it is christened by its inhabitants. The hilltop home in Lonavala’s gated Canary Farms community is bathed in daylight that filters in through tall French windows that open out to a landscaped garden on one side and a cool blue pool on the other.

A sense of fluid connectedness pervades the air as enchanting sights of rustling leaves, sprawling vegetation, shimmering waters and twittering birds greet you at every turn. Designed by Rohit Bhoite, the house seamlessly blends natural vistas with urban contemporary elements.

Bhoite designed the layout and landscape around natural boulders—a byproduct of the extensive construction work—placed along the property’s paths and boundaries. “It was a marvellous experience. It was my first time, so I extensively researched ora that can thrive in the climatic conditions of the hill station. It was challenging yet exciting,” smiles Bhoite. He adds that the client wanted a holiday home that was starkly different from a city house, yet one that’s adapted to their personalities.

The living room features cane seaters and a side table by Hatsu, Fabindia cushions, a set of Defurn centre tables, a carpet from Cocoon Fine Rugs and textured paint by Asian Paints; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

Trees such as bottle brush and Chinese bamboo cluster around the entrance of Linear House, with brick shaped tiles covering the facade. An eclectic and industrial theme is seen throughout the 7,500 sq ft structure. The living room with tastefully furnished, lofty interiors and breathtaking panoramic vistas takes centre stage, with the kitchen on its left and dining area on the right. Two master bedrooms named Black and White respectively occupy extreme ends. Completing the layout are the children’s bedroom, powder room, storage and guest room.

Lifting the dining space is the partially seen rug by Hatsu, bespoke table with glass support and custom artwork from Forshan; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

With 20 ft high folding, glass-paned French windows that fully open up on both sides, the living room is the perfect entertaining space. “The idea was to experience the pleasure of sitting outdoors from the cool, shaded corners of the house,”explains Bhoite. The flooring is an ash grey shade with Diesel tiles to accentuate the industrial look of the space.

On a nearby wall, custom created minimalist art from Forshan, China is mounted above the Hatsu console holding a decorative from Defurn; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

The chalet-style sloping pitched roof is cavernous as it soars above the living room. Walls handcrafted in textured grey and subway tiles complement the upholstered couch and rattan wicker chairs. Tall planters decorate the space, a reminder of the rambling outdoors. A handmade chandelier highlights the double heighted ceiling.

A tan leather seater contrasts against the polished slate flooring and brick facade by Rondine SpA; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

The suspended light is the homeowners’ favourite from among Bhoite’s many finds from his travels. The eight-seater dining table—fondly called the floating table by the family—has a solid wood top with a glass bottom to ensure an uninterrupted view of the pool and gazebo in the backyard.

The walkway in the backyard is furnished with a shera board ceiling in black and exterior facade with brick tiling by Rondine SpA. Fiddle g trees in Address Home laundry baskets lend a touch of colour to the monochromatic setting; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

An ebony palette dominates the client’s master bedroom, where pops of tan, green and grey lend an industrial-chic look. Checkered aluminium tiles, much like the ones used as railway cabin floorboards, cover a wall. A comfy tan chair sits in a corner, contrasting the polished kadappa ooring. The monochrome palette extends to the bathroom with brass detailing, Diesel tiles and fittings in chrome finish. Railway cabin style metal plates continue on the bathroom wall.

Coloured concrete finish by Bharat Floorings and Tiles lends an eclectic touch to the guest bathroom; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

“This space is my favourite. I love black and it’s such an unusual and understated colour for residential spaces,” says Bhoite. At the other end of the house, the White master bedroom features a four poster bed custom designed by Bhoite with light sheers. The walls are textured with concrete finish, light grey and Diesel subway tiles, while the ceiling is masked with shera board in an ashwood shade and leather finished white tiles make up the flooring. Fresh, earthy notes of brown and green juxtapose the industrial grey palette of the room, where light fittings in brass add a hint of glamour.

Railway cabin style metal sheets by Diesel cover the wall in the Black master bathroom and complement the polished kadappa flooring, accentuating the industrial look of the space; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

The children’s room is a playful blend of blue and brown tints. A floating cloud lighting installation adds to the fantastical quality of the room. Here, a 15 ft ceiling ensures the children don’t hit their heads while jumping on their bespoke bunk beds. The guest room uses a blue palette that extends to the adjoining bathroom. The angular yet non symmetrical linear patterned flooring lends an eclectic touch.

Geometry with tiles and forms has been a focal point in Bhoite’s structural designs—the powder room is a prime example with its hexagonal tiling. A custom granite sink with brass details around the periphery and mirror forms the visual balance of the small yet utilitarian space.

Several design elements stand out, making this a perfect holiday home. Textured walls and flooring diffuse the light streaming in from both sides, lending depth and character to the space. Each and every section overlooks the outdoors—the bathrooms too, although tall walls and shrubbery outside the window ensure privacy. The sloping roof extends over the 10.5 ft deck that surrounds the house, turning it into a sheltered walkway that also functions as a private access point for each of the bedrooms.

The pool, designed to match the length of the house, is visible not only from the living and dining areas but also from both master bedrooms. A bar, BBQ grill and gazebo with a glass roof flank the piscina, making this an ideal place to celebrate good times. With the hilltop house wide open to nature, bathed on the northern side by the rejuvenating warmth of sunrise and, on the southern, by the soothing glow of sunset, Uday Villa drenches the very air with tranquillity and contentment.