A sublime Mumbai home by Insitu Design Studio sketches the visual role of fluidity

FEB 26, 2024 | By Bindu Gopal Rao
The dining and bar area have bar stools and dining chairs from Thumb Impressions and a bone inlay console from Sarita Handa; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi

Continuing the philosophy of embracing the role of an architect and melding it with the exemplar role of revived modernity and craftsmanship, Sahiba Madan of Insitu Design Studio, also our EDIDA India winner crafts a contemporary home in Mumbai for a newlywed, brimming with the couple’s vision for a home that not only reflects their current lifestyle, but also emerges as a versatile canvas for the future.  

The four bedroom apartment opens into a large expanse that seamlessly integrates the bar, dining, and living spaces. This open layout promotes a sense of connectivity and fluidity, creating an inviting atmosphere for social gatherings and daily activities. The kitchen is near the bar and dining area and cleanly tucked away behind a fluted glass partition door. 

The living room has Orange Tree Lighting, a rug from Jaipur Rugs and a wall installation from Studio Indigene; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi


The living room trickles into the dining area with chairs from The Rocking Chair Co.; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi


The bar area has bar stools from Thumb Impressions and a bone inlay console from Sarita Handa; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi

Getting in and around

“The living space is flanked by two bedrooms each on either side that include the master bedroom, parent’s bedroom, guest bedroom, and a study, with attached bathrooms. These bedrooms are designed as tranquil retreats, incorporating elements that reflect the personal style and preferences of the individual users of the space while balancing the larger cohesive material palette,” explains Sahiba. 

Swathed in natural light, the master bedroom has warm wood flooring and pastel-hued fabric rom Kalakaari Haath; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi


The rug from Jaipur Rugs adds a textural play inside the master bedroom; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi


Parents’ bedroom; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi

The team found designing the study room, where creativity and functionality converged seamlessly, the most enjoyable. “Crafting the space with its micro topping flooring and wall dado allowed for seamless integration of textures, offering a tactile experience that added depth and character.”

The challenge was creating a balance between the open shelving, and ensuring it was functional and aesthetically pleasing. As Sahiba continues to tell, incorporating comfortable seating amidst plenteous natural light was invigorating, especially within the rafter ceiling where lighting became an integral part of the design. “However, infusing a bright pop of colour using an organic rug required meticulous consideration to achieve the desired harmony within the vibrant space,” she says.

The study chair is from Magnolia; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi


The fabric draping the armchair is from Kalakaari Haath and the rug is from The Rug Story; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi

Colour coded

The home embraces a vibrant colour palette, seamlessly blending vibrant greens and terracotta accents throughout its interior, which is a key feature of contemporary design. These hues not only infuse a modern aesthetic but also contribute to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, breaking away from the conventional notion that contemporary spaces are often characterized by cool, neutral tones. “Furthermore, the home showcases a unique approach to the strategic placement of prints, adding a layer of visual interest to the spaces. The incorporation of modular spaces is another trend that the home aligns with, offering flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic needs of its inhabitants,” says Madan.

The modular kitchen balances form and function and the design detail on the floor adds a striking element here; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi

Design details

The larger theme of the space is a contemporary space designed using warmer tones and an earthy material palette. There were no structural changes, the layout was planned and organized in the existing structural framework. 

The guest bedroom has a Sofa Cum Bed from Woodage and the teal accents add a pop of colour in the all beige setup; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi


The bathroom has been kept functional with shelving to hold accessories and a hanging light fixture for an element of drama, with sanitary fittings from Kohler; Photographs by Yadnyesh Joshi

“The design conversations with the clients revolved around achieving a contemporary aesthetic with a material palette that exudes freshness. Vibrant greens and terracotta accents were strategically incorporated to infuse the space with modern warmth and a lively atmosphere,” says Sahiba Madan.

This home sees the designer’s signature love for detail that reflects in the design of the flooring, individual furniture pieces designed in-house, and a creative collaboration for upholstery, wallpapers, and cushions with their sister brand Kalakaari Haath. This home is a great example of craftsmanship meeting design and how it splendidly makes the house a home.

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