The art of layering: This Bengaluru home by Studio 77 defines the California Casual style

JUN 3, 2024 | By Mini Ribeiro
The living room is replete with comfort and style; Photograph by Nayan Soni
The neutral tones of the master bedroom; Photograph by Nayan Soni

Deluged in the joy of neutrals with recurring pops of layers and textures, this home in Bengaluru cradles comfort as its most important element, in design and in experience. When the family entrusted Shilpa Yadav, founder of Studio77, the home had to be remodelled into a three-bedroom space with California-casual style at the heart of it.

The resultant canvas is minimalistic, warm and functional, interiors outfitted with striking artworks and furniture. Pro-nature with distinct earthy vibes heightened by neutral pieces, soft palettes and natural materials, this 1,900 sq ft home efficiently delineates the layout to heighten a continued sense of navigation and space. “The clients sought a calm, free-flowing space with minimalistic decor. Since they have young children, the focus was on furniture and furnishings that were easy to clean and maintain,” informs Shilpa.

Diverse materials define the expansive living space; Photograph by Nayan Soni


Pops of earthy colours elevate the living area; Photograph by Nayan Soni

Astutely restructured
The picturesque dining nook, dressed with a tan leather seat, a light wood dining table and black woven chairs, meets the eye upon entering this home. “Converting the narrow kitchen into the dining area was the most challenging part. The dining table and chairs were custom made to ensure they fit into the narrow space, leaving room for movement into the kitchen,” explains Shilpa.
The right side of the dining area makes way for a sprawling living room. The compact kitchen tucked on the other side maximises the space with the wall-mounted shelves teamed up with the patterned tile flooring.

White walls and neutral furniture heighten the sense of luxury; Photograph by Nayan Soni


A narrow kitchen redesigned into a striking dining nook; Photograph by Nayan Soni

Earthy colours
Anchored by a huge dark coffee table and a beige sofa, two cream-coloured armchairs and a grey-toned bench with leather detail, the living room is replete with comfort and style. To this medley, the designer brings in confident strokes of upholstery, wood, metal, ceramics and even leather.

Artworks and décor pieces add visual interest; Photograph by Nayan Soni

“We kept the walls white and furniture neutral, which ensures greater freedom to layer it with colours and textures. We then topped it up with hints of earthy tones such as rust and ochre throughout,” says Shilpa.

Compact kitchen with a patterned tile flooring; Photograph by Nayan Soni

Heightened luxury

Moving inward, the study-entertainment room lies on the on the right of the hallway. A clever play of colours makes it visually arresting, while the kids’ room to the left combines functionality and form with modern and durable furniture.

The upholstered bed and oversized artwork add visual intrigue; Photograph by Nayan Soni

The master bedroom, with a huge, upholstered bed, black side tables on either side and an oriental carpet, portrays a snug ambience. The bathroom in black, white, wood and gold accentuates the luxurious tone of the bedroom.
As the designer sums up, “We enjoyed styling the project the most. It was an extensive exercise, collecting décor pieces and artwork for months; and doing several iterations till everything felt right.”

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