Steeped in old-world charm, this Mumbai home by The Pure Concept Home is an interplay of timeless design and experimental textures

JUL 6, 2021 | By Tanzim Pardiwalla
Each section between the drawing-room and the dining room shows off a unique theme making every door a portal into a distinct space; Photographs by Gaurav Sawn
While every space has a different character, they are connected with a blend of patterned wallpapers and dark furniture; Photographs by Gaurav Sawn

Spaces that embrace the new while retaining a nostalgia-inducing appeal that comes with old structures have a way of taking us back in time. That is exactly what this Mumbai home designed by Chanya Kaur, founder and principal of The Pure Concept Home does. Home to a family of threea couple and their 12 year old son, the 3,300 sq ft duplex in Juhu is connected to the heart of the city yet disconnected from its hustle and bustle. 

According to Kaur, the 15 years old home surrounded by greenery came with its own old-world charm that is dialled up with timeless touches lent by experimentation in textures. “We didn’t want to redo the space from scratch, but find the right mix of classic and contemporary to enhance its timelessness. We decided to keep the colour schemes simple, but agreed that experimental pattern and texture plays would help elevate the overall design,” she says. 

On the concept of the project, she explains “My team and I started with fabrics first. We conceptualised a great story with them, complementing the carpets, and then we created a colour palette with the wallpapers.” 

The bright and airy living room features chairs designed by The Pure Concept Home, upholstered in velvet from their Yukta collection, a sofa in cashmere velvet designed in-house and a restored Turkish kilim by Ada to complete the inviting vibe;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn

The space is divided with a series of transitions that exude individualistic vibes. Walking into the living room with high ceilings which are a rarity in the maximum city, we’re greeted by ample sunlight filtering through the large windows. 

“The house celebrates an undying love for wallpaper trends. Artistic wallpapers have a way of not only transforming a space but also setting the tone of its ‘persona,’ for at least a considerable period of time, if not forever,” she says. 

Wallpapers by William Morris are a defining element of the home. The drawing room which has a muted wallpaper is decorated with a sisal rug on the floor and a locally sourced chandelier;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn

Each section between the drawing-room and the dining room shows off a unique theme making every door a portal into a distinct space albeit connected with an interplay of colourful wallpapers and dark furniture. Kaur aptly describes this as a smooth “fabric-wall-furniture-fabric narrative.” 

“Patterns and textures, as seen in the wallpapers and gauze-like sheers, prompt the senses to absorb contrast aesthetics. But there’s uniformity and seamlessness in their usage, in every room or space of the house, which unifies them under a conceptual umbrella of harmonious thought—a cornerstone of modern minimalist design,” the designer explains. 

The lighting in the dining room – a wall light from black steel and wicker pendant lamps create a contrasting ambience that switches between night and day while shining a spotlight on the wallpaper from William Morris;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn

While the home has an array of dark wood furniture, the generous amount of natural sunlight it receives creates a bright atmosphere. Another key feature of the home is its terrace. Connected to the drawing room on the ground floor, making it a perfect place to unwind amidst plants.

Textiles by The Pure Concept Home transform the terrace space into a relaxing spot with locally furniture and a parasol by Ikea;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn

The house tells a story with fabrics that forms the starting point of the design plan, right from the cosy carpets to the bed linen in the master bedroom. It sets up a vibrant yet homely colour palette. “The colour palette was a simple blend of warm, earthy beiges, browns, and greens; with richer, complementary variants for contrast layering. The idea was to choose such neutral, ‘free-interpretation’ shades, so as to make the most of their versatility,” Kaur says. 

In the master bedroom, the 4 poster bed by The Pure Concept Home is draped in sheets designed in house. At the side of the bed is a nightstand by west elm India and a cabinet on the wall by Minotti;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn

The emphasis on inviting nature served a dual purpose of sustainability. “I think the fact that we chose to work around the historical design elements, instead of doing away with them, just because they’re ‘old,’ is an element of sustainability in itself. Paying homage to the organic, rustic beauty of artisanal craftsmanship, which by nature is not only versatile but also resilient, we’ve used handmade wicker on the ceilings, in the passage and corridor areas,” Kaur concludes. 

Scroll through for more images of the Pure Concept Home in Mumbai:

Tying into the old-world atmosphere, this wooden console and mirror add a vintage look which is finished with a kilim runner on the floor;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn
The walls derive their antique character from William Morris wallpaper while a sisal rug with black borders lightens up the wooden staircase;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn
Each part of the house exudes a different character in little details like this quirky statement bust on the coffee table from Oma in the living room;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn
In another nook of the home lies a comfy chair designed upholstered in fabric by The Pure Concept Home and a wicker light sourced locally;  Photographs by Gaurav Sawn