Spruce up your settings with decor in swivelled and streaked pops as the Whirl Swirl trend takes over

AUG 15, 2020 | By Sonia Dutt and Sakshi Rai
(L-R): Large glass jar from Apartment 9; Square tall vase, Verona Clear Vase and Selene Vase from FCML; Oval Tall Vase and LSA Round Clear Vase from Moon River; Grey and Orange Marble Print Fabric (in vase) from Kuku Fashion; Photograph by S Thiru
(L-R): Ikona stool by Elisa Ossino for Salvator; Oasis ceramic pot with metal stand by Isaaka
(L-R): Onyx and mirror stool from Beyond Designs; Rue sunset marble stool from TUV furniture; Bolt accent stool from Ritz
(L-R): Luigina chair by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman; Ceramic board from Lagrima Studio; Swirl Multi Candelabra by Tom Dixon
(L-R): Livelli bookend in travertine, rosso and bianco marble by Greg Natale; Edwardo two tiered ceramic platter by House Of Objects, Canaan Menorh Marble Candle Stand by Jonathan Adler
(L-R): Dorik stool, part of the Kapital Marble Collection by Oueddice; Ziggy small table by Pietro Russo; Moments of Eclipse series by Kwangha Lee

Witness the mesmerising spectacle of gradients, patterns and hues, inspired by the natural veins that thread marble. Trend & Style Prediction by Sonia Dutt

Transform your cove into an artistic paradise with entrancing confluences of contrasting layers

This bespoke wallpaper mural by Swedish brand Happywall combines a pristine marble palette with regal shades of grey, gold and copper. Fashioned using non-woven material and eco-friendly inks, this striking full-length artwork is easy to mount in any setting. Website:

Twist a tale of fantasy and awe with polished marble accents in rippling textures featured in Tom Dixon’s Swirl Collection

Swirl is a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create functional, multidimensional sculptures. The unique process involves recycling the powdered residue from the marble industry, mixed with pigment and resin to create blocks of material that can then be sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe. Substantial in weight, smooth in texture and bold in pattern, Swirl will inject a fresh pop sensibility into any setting. Website: