Spread across Downtown Las Vegas, Wild Wild Waste addresses the issue of dwindling animal habitats using garbage as a medium

MAR 9, 2020 | By Lamiyah Sultan
A lion with a dramatic, half coloured face made from plastic waste is confined in a truck made using metal scraps

Portuguese ecological artist Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II as he is addressed, presents a 10,000 sq ft pretend zoo titled Wild Wild Waste in Downtown Las Vegas. Working with an extensive array of materials, including plastics found in wastelands, dumpsters and factories, the creative depicts endangered species that are on the verge of extinction due to drastic environmental issues such as climate change, increasing pollution and waste production. An elemental part of his design process includes collecting various discarded materials from each city he visits.


The artist’s family was instrumental in gathering discarded materials such as plastic bottles and tyres from the back of an abandoned motel in Las Vegas

This eye opening parody, produced by Justkids and Zappos, aims to draw attention to a current global problem. It reflects an unpleasant aspect of human civilisation and highlights the harm caused to wildlife by our disorganised and continuously expanding waste production. The vibrant installations are mesmeric and striking, and presenting a unique and thought provoking exhibit with an underlying message. About the display, Charlotte Dutoit, curator of Justkids adds, “Bordalo II is inspired by the rejected, the broken and the wasted. He creates fantastic, playful installations that question our relation to waste and our responsibility to the planet.”

A family of penguins posing on stacked plastic cubes