Spot the difference: 5 architectural wonders that look identical to these couture masterpieces

AUG 3, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni
L-R: Structured tiers at the Ranganathaswamy temple and anarkali jackets at Manav Gangwani’s show
Left: Photograph courtesy Instagram (@tamilnambi); Right: Photograph courtesy Instagram (@couturemg); Yellow and indigo in Rahul Mishra’s Parizaad collection echoes hues in the Samode Palace
Left: Photograph courtesy Instagram (@rikeec); Right: Photograph courtesy Instagram (@coinartico);Varun Bahl’s bold motifs on white can be seen in the Taj Mahal’s vegetative stone inlays
Left: Photograph courtesy Instagram (@varunbahlcouture); Right: Photograph courtesy Const.Crist /Wikimedia Commons;Elaborate embroidery meets detailed spaces with Anita Dongre’s collection and Juna Mahal Hotel
Left: Photograph courtesy Instagram (@jvandeventer); Right: Photography courtesy Instagram (@Perniaspopupshop).
You wouldn’t expect to find a Couture Week design in the Ranganthaswamy temple or the Taj Mahal. We’ve found five couture collections that definitely have been spotted off the runway.1. Rahul Mishra and The Samode Palace hotelWe’ve got a destination wedding planned for you, with Rahul Mishra’s ‘Parizaad’ collection and one of Jaipur’s grandest palace hotels. Walk into a 475 year old palace built in the Indo-Saracenic style complete with white marble and Victorian couches, wearing Mishra’s lehengas with French knots and botanical motifs. The collection’s whites, pinks, yellows and indigos complement the printed fabrics, detailed tiles and colourful balconies of the palace.
Website: www.rahulmishra.in2. Manav Gangwani and The Ranganathaswamy templeThe ornate colourful towers of the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple in Tamil Nadu are echoed in Manav Gangwani’s collection at FDCI’s Couture Week. Find the temple’s vibrant tiers and figurines of dancing women in Gangwani’s structured anarkali jackets and exquisite Kathakali danseuse embroidery. Or you could take a closer look, and match the temple’s melange of colours with the designer’s hues of pinks, oranges, indigos.
Website: www.manavgangwani.com3. Varun Bahl and The Taj MahalYou wouldn’t mind being caught in Varun’s collection in the Mughal era, with layered silhouettes and bold prints on white lehengas. The designer’s colour palette of ivory, oranges and pinks are reminiscent of the Taj Mahal’s archways of detailed vegetative stone inlays. Model Bahl’s designs at Shah Jahan’s masterpiece, and you could make your own personal Mughal-e-Azam.
4. Gaurav Gupta and the St Peter and St Paul’s Church, LithuaniaDreamy gowns and saris floated down Gaurav Gupta’s celestial runway for his collection ‘Moondust’. Glass beads, detailed embroidery and mother-of-pearl sequins are evocative of Lithuania’s St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church. Gupta’s silvery gowns would blend in with the church’s spectacular marble baptistery, high ceilings filled with hundreds of baroque stucco statues and decorative frescoes.
Website: www.gauravguptastudio.com5. Anita Dongre and Juna Mahal We could imagine Anita Dongre sketching her designs for Couture Week at Juna Mahal hotel in Dungarpur. Her intricate zari thread work, hues of emerald green and hand embroidered collection could reflect the boutique hotel’s paisley fabrics, elaborate facades and painted walls.
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