Sparkling Affair: Ganjam launches new store in Bengaluru

FEB 23, 2016 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

To celebrate their 125 year old heritage and sophisticated designs, jewellery brand Ganjam launched a new store in Bengaluru. RDAI Architects, who have previously worked with several luxury brands like Hermes, Christie’s, Artemis, Yves Saint-Laurent among others, undertook their first Indian project with Ganjam to create a calm and serene store.“The store is a contemporary interpretation of a temple that reflects our deep heritage. The massive dimensions, walls composed of cut stones, harmonious integration into the landscape, feeling of space, carved columns…all combine to create an area that is evocative of Hampi and Dravidian architecture,” adds Umesh Ganjam, Joint Managing Director of the brand.To execute an authentic sensorial experience, Denis Montel, MD, RDAI decided to use natural materials while keeping the place vaastu compliant. He says, “The setting sun, early hues of dawn or the bank of the Tungabhadra river suggested a wonderful warm colour palette for the interiors. The important symbols for Ganjam – peacock and banyan tree – were inspiring: Light stone for the facade, floor and interior walls, a golden teak to express the banyan tree, high gloss rosewood furniture, an Indian silk panelling on the walls, and wool and silk for the carpets inspired by the peacock. We also used bronze finished metal for the walls.”
To highlight the different qualities of the yellow and white gold, diamonds and coloured stones, the architect tried to achieve a contrast between soft and warm light for the sales salons and stronger light for the high end jewellery sections.