Smart Living with Smart Lights by Svarochi Lighting

MAR 5, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri

Pamper yourself to unique accessories and lighting by Svarochi to enliven your abode this season. Accentuate corners and dull spaces with unique lamps by Svarochi lighting.

Tech-savvy individuals are everywhere in this era, with countless of them imagining technologies in the near future that would unravel our day to day lives. With every breath with our smart devices, we are in proximity to that vision of comfort, convenience, and ease. The new digital is equipped with innovation such as smart watches, intelligent lighting systems, and even smarter home systems. From keeping up the healthy mantra to ensuring safety for our kin, our lives are somehow ruled by the innovative technology.
These light fixtures come to your rescue with innovative lighting solutions on daily basis. Perfect ambient lighting for every room and every occasion, in a very simple and convenient way, can be achieved with just a click on your smartphones! How about a statement lighting fixture that can become the cynosure of all eyes at your next party? Turn your living room from a cozy hangout space into a party zone, with the quick reach of an app. There is an immense scope of flexibility in setting the mood and ambience of your private corner by the help of using these light fixtures.
A switch of a button increases the brightness level and you can convert your dining area into a study area. The Bluetooth Mesh technology allows connectivity between different smart LED bulbs and lets you adjust the brightness and colour levels to match your decor. If you are looking to welcome a sense of wellness and calm in your home, Svarochi’s latest offerings include lights provide the option to change the light settings in Bright & Dim, Warm & Cool, Color & Daylight and Color & Daylight such that they perfectly reflect your current mood and help you relax in the surroundings.

Svarochi also provides their valued consumers with premium Downlights (available in Aspire, Round & Square), Spotlights (Available in its Prima & Elite range), Cove lights/ Strip lights (Available under its Prima range). Website: