Sergei Khrabrovsky pays tribute to the spirit of Bauhaus with this Moscow home

JUN 15, 2021 | By Jayasmita Ray
(L-R) Artwork by Sergei Khrabrovsky made in self-isolation during the pandemic complements the stylised interiors; Custom artwork by Sergei Khrabrovsky adorn the apartment; Statement art objects like the custom “YSL les art” by Sergei Khrabrovsky highlight the Moscow Home; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff
(L-R) Custom artwork by Sergei Khrabrovsky made in self-isolation during the pandemic reflects on the current cultural phenomenal; Artwork by the artist and architect, Sergei Khrabrovsky complements the bedroom of the Moscow apartment in white; Artwork by Khrabrovsky features Robert De Niro, a commentary on brand worshipping and overconsumption; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff
Vintage Czech chairs, Ombra Tokyo Chair by Charlotte Perriand, custom coffee table and the unconventional shelving highlight avant-garde elements in the shared space; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff
Black and white interiors in the living room with timber accents like the Ombra Tokyo Chair by Charlotte Perriand showcases custom artwork by Sergei Khrabrovsky and pays tribute to Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus movement; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

A modern interpretation of constructivism and tribute to the 21st-century masters of Bauhaus freedom and creativity, this Moscow apartment by Russian designer and artist Sergei Khrabrovsky reimagines living spaces with avant-garde style and history.

Sprawled over 800 square feet, the home features a living area, three bedrooms, a mini dresser and two bathrooms, all clad in bespoke decor elements, natural materials and textures, creating a playful yet sophisticated ambience.

Hallway of the Moscow Home by Sergei Khrabrovsky, art object Metabolism with graphic shapes created during the pandemic, against the light marble depicts overconsumption in the current era; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

We’re greeted by graphic shapes created by Khrabrovsky in the hallway. Depicting overconsumption in the current cultural phenomena, the artist incepted the art object Metabolism, during self-isolation in the pandemic, and this piece synthesizes a visual symphony of black and white geometric forms, arousing further curiosity against the light marble floors.

Ombra Tokyo Chair by Charlotte Perriand, bespoke artwork conceptualised by Sergei Khrabrovsky; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

Inspired by the architectural language of Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier and Bauhaus, the designer pays meticulous attention to every detail of the art, furniture and narrative the space radiates.

Rigid, irregular shelving unit with sharp angles, black coffee table and leather chair reinterprets constructivism in the living room; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

Bespoke furniture designs by Khrabrovsky, like a black coffee table in the living room, wardrobe and bed, the dressing table with connotation to the sensibility and aesthetics of the Bauhaus era weave a consistent creative flow.

Kitchen space clad in white in the Moscow Home radiates sophistication and experimentation in the light-toned interiors; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

Collectables including vintage Czech chairs, Ombra Tokyo Chair by Charlotte Perriand, Zig-Zag chair from Cassina and ceiling lamp by Moooi emanate retro expression in this contemporary space anchored by contrasting accents to furniture and textiles making this home absolutely unforgettable.

Distressed white cushions, bouclé couch and carpeting highlight custom artworks and the black coffee table, ceiling lights by Moooi; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

Art objects such as the “YSL les art” transforms infamous logos showing brand worshipping in the modern art market further builds on the intricacies of the visual experience creating dialogue.

A pristine white essence drapes the bedroom while the wooden flooring and artwork adds a tranquil charm; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

The layering of textures balances the black leather chair against the timber accents and distressed bouclé couch. We love the black and white unconventional shelving unit with irregular rigid lines! Intensive and interesting features of the living room are balanced by the evocative hallway, corridor and artwork.

Ceiling lamp by Moooi, graphic shapes in the hallway repeated in the radiator emphasises the visual language further; Photographs by Mikhail Loskutoff

“I really like to make interiors expressive but at the same time not like anything else. Interior for me is art in art,” shares Khrabrovsky. His philosophy is a balanced mix of perfection and uniqueness and persistent innovation through natural materials, textures and environment-friendly interior.