Scrapbooking their way through this Nagpur home, ZERO9 boldly experiments with colours, patterns and textures

MAY 24, 2023 | By Dyumni Pandit
The designers use Asian Paints’ colours for the walls while the stylistic hanging lights are by Oorjaa; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal
The light olive couches are by Blue Loft, the side table is by AKFD and the lights are by Oorjaa. The carpet is by Afroz Floor Decor. The bespoke wooden bench is by Phantom Hands while the centre table is by Dtale Modern while the accessories shelf in the background is by Vakr. The lights are by Lafit; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal
The living room and bar flow into each other through arched doorways. The sofa in the living room is by Blue Loft while its flooring is by Afroz Floor Decor. The side table is by AKFD. The bar’s decor accessories are by Mianzi and The Fan Studio while the flooring in the bar is by Rawsteen. The bar counter’s microtopping is by Creton while the planter is by Oorjaa and chairs are by Dtale Modern; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

If you’ve ever made a scrapbook, you know it’s fun — assigning a theme to every page and picking pictures to fit as if it were a puzzle. There’s a feeling of intimacy that comes with personalising a scrapbook. Now imagine doing this with a home. Anu Chauhan, Principal Architect and Stylist of ZERO9 along with Prashant Chauhan, embraces this exciting experience in a 4,200 sq ft home in Nagpur.

The light olive couches by Blue Loft turn towards each other cosily to facilitate informal conversations while stylistic lights by Oorjaa and Lafit stand in the backdrop. The flooring is by Afroz Floor Decor. The wooden bench is by Phantom Hands and the centre table is by Dtale Modern; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Although a blend of two apartments on the same floor, the spaces flow into each other naturally, as if originally assembled that way. Like a collection of colours, decor and textures, every room brims with a different theme and eclectic clues, all so unapologetically. 

Blue sliding doors by Veneto CNR open the living room and bar area to each other. The chairs are by Dtale Modern while the planter is by Oorjaa. The eclectic red flooring is by Redsteen; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Contrasts and experiments   

With a desire for rustic yet elegant spaces, the owners entrusted Zero9 to craft the abode in a way that made contrasting themes complement each other. Hence, it was decided to hinge their design direction on the patrons’ love for experimentation, while enhancing space-making by decking up sliding partitions instead of any structural changes.

The two chairs are by Dtale Modern while the red flooring by Rawsteen adds some eccentricism. The wall has a lime plaster finish and stands as a backdrop for the room. The bar counter has a microtopping by Creton while it adorns a brass sheet by Bari; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

“The bar area was the most enjoyable space to design. It was a lot of fun, experimenting with flooring patterns, the bar counter, the ceiling, the lighting and the synchronisation of it all with music,” remarks Anu. Seemingly, multiple elements dancing to the music.

The bar counter has a microtopping from Creton with a brass sheet by Bari. The bespoke lights above the bar counter are by Mianzi while the fan that acts as a decor accessory is by The Fan Studio. The flooring is by Rawsteen and the planter is by Oorjaa; Photographed by Pulkit Sehgal

Customised terrazzo flooring with red mosaic chips disperse on the floor like confetti while nebulous forms wobble on the ceiling. To contrast the quirky flooring, Anu uses a subtle grey backdrop as gold-plated pots accessorise the room. As colour-changing lights complete the lively character of the abode, contradicting elements come together to create a surprising harmony.

The television system is by Beyond Alliance while the sliding grey doors are by Veneto. The centre tables are by Dtale Modern and the sofa is from Kerf. The rug is by Jaipur Rugs; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

A love for rustic 

The entrance opens into an open space that harbours the family living room, balcony, dining area, a formal living space and a bar. Although distinct in style and essence, the rooms float into each other naturally.

The centre tables are by Dtale Modern. The sofa is from Kerf and the rug is by Jaipur Rugs while lime plaster veneer plasters on the walls; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

The family living room anchors the whole area. Ample comfortable seating space here calls for family gatherings. On the other hand, the formal living fosters simple cosy furniture. While one embraces hues of green and leans on light-coloured wooden furniture and decor, the other chooses to pose in dark, elegant shades. A lime plaster backdrop maintains uniformity and flow in the rooms.

The rooms are connected to a quaint, cornered dining room that then leads to the kitchen, guest bedroom, and powder room.

An arched entrance leads to the dining room. Vintage fans by The Fan Studio suspend by the window while stylistic lights by Oorjaa hang above the dining table. The wooden chairs are by Dtale Modern; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal


The beautiful blue bedsheet by Sarita Handa adds a blue pop of colour to the room with the deep blue curtains; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

To ‘serve’ the owners’ love for cooking, one-fourth of the home’s area is transformed into a kitchen. A marble island pivots the cooking hurricane that forms every evening. The owners’ personal kitchen and utility kitchen surround it. The elegant arches and rustic hexagonal tiles on the wall add a vintage look to the rather urbane area. The kitchen resonates with the residents’ inclination to a rustic palette, reminding you of a cute Italian cafe with an open counter.

Black and white stripes grace the floor to add some playfulness as a personal study and an array of shelves with decor accessories; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal


Lime plaster veneer takes the backdrop for the bright yellow hues of this room’s decor. The bedsheet is by Sarita Handa; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

A hallway, lined with mirror shutters and art that adds some playfulness, leads to the other part of the home that accommodates the bedrooms and study. Mango yellow couches lounge comfortably at the end of the hallway to make a small balcony area that doubles as a kitchen garden.

A mosaic patterned wall adds some colour and texture to the bathroom; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal


The walls have been finished by Creton while the art is by Anaya. The lights are by Oorjaa and the vibrant yellow chairs are by Office Ideas. The centre table is by Yellow Brick Route; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Colour, colour, on the wall! 

The home has a rustic zen theme. The spaces have individual colour and material palette. The living room is muted and subtle while the bedrooms play their own colour story,” says Anu.

The beautiful artwork in the hallway has been sourced from Burma. The light is from Oorjaa while the chairs are by Office Ideas. The unique tiles are by Bharat Furnishings and Nitco Tiles; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Each bedroom has a distinct style. While wood slices adorn the bed back and warm wooden flooring runs in the master bedroom, black and white marble takes the floor to complement the room’s grey walls in the son’s room. Blue subway tiles with a grey tile base impart a mature impression in the bathroom here. The daughter’s bathroom is more playful as grey, pink, and blue subway tiles grace the wall.

The study has a unique rustic design. The chair is by Phantom Hands while the flooring is by Nitco Tiles and Bharat Furnishings. The table is by Anantaya; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

Eccentric decor pieces grace the various rooms to add some whimsy and accessorise the room. As unique as each area is from the other, they seem to complement each other — like a scrapbook with just the right layouts.

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