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Scottish sculptor David Mach’s debut architectural project Mach 1 is an edgy composition that promises to transform the sombre landscape of Edinburgh Park

DEC 10, 2019 | By Aneesha Bhadri


Commissioned by Parabola, an award winning developer and investor in the UK, and designed by sculptor David Mach, this complex will be an unusual red edifice in Edinburgh Park, Scotland. This is Mach’s first architectural design and therefore gets the moniker Mach 1. Planned as a multipurpose and edgy structure, it will comprise exhibition galleries and space for diverse sociocultural events. “It is a building that promises a life with possibilities—as a venue for Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world, a place for comedy shows, music concerts or talks in the Scottish capital. The look of the building is important to me as a sculptor and as an ‘accidental architect’,” says Mach. Parabola’s founder and chairman Peter Millican OBE elaborates on the design, “It will be painted one single colour, possibly with a reference to Forth Bridge red”, which is a bridge in Scotland painted in the vibrant shade to match the original red oxide tint used in 1890