Scenic views and awe-inspiring interiors await within this home that is designed by Arjun Sawhney and Namrata Datt in the Kasauli hills

MAR 8, 2023 | By Twinkle Tolani
Custom furniture by Arti Sondhi Living in the living room with Zimbiri’s artwork from Nature Morte and a Kashmiri carpet sourced from Francesco Pauro in New Delhi adds lush tactility; Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

A house on a hilltop is a dream for many. But a home that encompasses hues of the skies is a fantasy that has been rendered to reality by Arjun Sawhney, Creative and Managing Director, TCCGGD who is also an art and design connoisseur. Working alongside him was Namrata Datt, Interior Stylist and Creative Head at Maison 15. Dappled in blues and enveloped in views of the Himalayas from a Kasauli crest, it is tough to imagine that the property was a concrete shell before the duo intervened. “Building a warm home up in the cold mountains was the most challenging yet exciting part of the project,” says Arjun. “For me, I had visited the property in winters and was awestruck by the shades of blue in the cold. And it seemed natural that the colour becomes a defining narrative for the home,” elucidates Namrata.

In the sun kissed dining area, a mirror and credenza from Country Villa Decor sit atop the Kashmiri carpet from Raj Bespoke with dining table and chairs from Charcoal Project against an ephemeral backdrop of fabrics from Maison 15; Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

Alluring visitors, a vibrant garden at the entrance porch leads to a short lobby inside, which in turn opens into an expansive and ebullient living room. Conjecture to the marriage of vintage features with modern details throughout the home, a Kashmiri rug lays atop wooden fooring. From the adjoining patio, vistas of forests and mountains refected in a mirror act as kinetic artwork for the space. Also on the ground foor is the mother’s bedroom awash in blush-hued forals and soft linens. On the other hand, the son’s bedroom fosters playfulness with a series of Tintin artworks in oil chosen by Arjun and Namrata’s curated layers of chequered and printed fabrics. The peril of a steep drop outside the son’s bedroom is evaded by raising the height of the walls and forming a sizeable garden.

A Lee Hayan painting from Sakshi Art, Mumbai with its cheerful shade of yellow assigns a joyous disposition to the casual living area on the upper level with Arti Sondhi Living furniture, wooden ceiling from FCML and carpet from Raj Bespoke; Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

Speaking of the camaraderie between them, Namrata says, “What keeps the collaboration easy is knowing what the other brings to the table and letting them take the reins with that. Artworks are Arjun’s forte. He understood the brief and chose and placed it accordingly. Similarly, I had my say with the textures, fabrics and fnishes.” Chiming to the narrative, Arjun adds, “I am bolder in my colour choices, and she sides with neutrals. While the artwork played a pivotal role in lifening the home, the way she populated the furniture with textiles and colours is brilliant.”

Furniture from Arti Sondhi Living transforms the quaint landing into a picturesque work area overlooking the hills. Tying the serene setting together are blinds from Maison15 and a carpet from Raj Bespoke; Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

With their matching synergies, it is no surprise that spaces unfolding on the upper foor do not cease to stupefy. Smack on the staircase’s landing is a window ofering a peep into the valleys of Kasauli. A novel intervention beftting to the stunning locale, a desk facing this breath-taking scenery ensures one never eludes work-from- home prospects. A casual living room and dining room faunt the home’s true-blue country-esque character with a stone facade freplace, wooden beams and chandeliers hovering over wooden furniture pieces, tufted upholstery, and plush carpets. Across, a peek of a blue wall presents an enticing invitation to the primary bedroom.

Ambient lighting is pertinent to the primary bedroom’s colour scheme. The custom-made bed along with layers of carpets, curtains and plush beddings imparts a cosy den-like feel to the room; Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

“It is the colours that connect all the spaces. The project had to be completed within a short timeline, so we had to be clever in creating continuity,” comments Namrata. The primary suite, also with its personal terrace, manifests the client’s preference of waking up to a sombre surrounding over a light-washed room. In attempts to soften the harsh sunlight, the deepest tint of blue in the home graces the space. Along with the existing sloping roof a vivid blue and red carpet impart dramatic fair. Large bedside lamps harmonising with the chandelier and high headboard deliver a cottage-like feel. Namrata excitedly shares, “The clients went in the room, and they loved it! It’s very calming to come into a room that does not have too much light. It is your ideal sleep area and the luxury of not being woken up to the morning light adds to the mood.”

Custom furniture by Arti Sondhi Living in the living room with Zimbiri’s artwork from Nature Morte and a Kashmiri carpet sourced from Francesco Pauro in New Delhi adds lush tactility; Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

For a home as serene, picking a favourite space is a rather tough stance. Arjun answers, “I would certainly occupy the main bedroom because it is so generous and has a gorgeous verandah where you can sit in the morning till evening with the twinkling lights and have a cup of tea.” For Namrata, who loves waking up to the sun, the son’s bedroom and its garden are too sublime to forego. “I am a morning person, for me lights coming through the window is a beautiful thing to wake up to. And it has access to the garden,” she exclaims. Leaving favourites aside, it is the heart that the duo poured into the home’s design that brings unwavering warmth amidst the chilly mountains.

A metal framed mirror from Sussanne Khan’s Charcoal Project and a customised blue credenza by Arti Sondhi Living is atop the carpet from Raj Bespoke; Photography by Tanuj Ahuja

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