Roji from Butikku: In a Japanese state of mind

NOV 28, 2015 | By Chanya Kaur

Chanya Kaur of The Pure Concept looked to Japanese gardens to weave this sub-range from the EDIDA 2014 winning line. Crafted with thoughtful details, she takes us through her creative vision that came to full realisation in this heavenly upholstery range. The inceptionLast year, my husband Dalbir Singh and I travelled to Japan for an event, which triggered the idea for Butikku collection. This contemporary drapery and upholstery line is a blend of Indian traditions and modern fashion houses of Japan, highlighting new laser cut techniques on foiled metallic velvets and stonewashed linens. The leading design, Roji, is a Japanese term used for gardens fringing tea ceremony rooms.Botanical museApart from our travels, we have also taken inspiration from the global trends we follow. The team and I focused on perfecting the concept for a month, making it very different from our previous work. For Roji, the material mimics moss and ferns, and the leaves with buds and blossoms of a pomegranate flower forming the main pattern.Design detailsWhile some of the designs used on the fabrics were an ode to artworks purchased by us, others were hand processed by our creative team. From conceptualisation to packaging, it was all done in-house. For Roji, we used pure cotton and linen yarns that underwent various treatments. The main hues used are deeper shades of blue, burgundy, Koi rust, jade and emerald green. These vibrant tones and textiles came together to bring this product to life.Website: www.thepureconcept.co.inAlso read: 7 tableware inspired by the Japanese tie and dye technique