Robin Chhabra and Nishil Shah of Dextrus design an office space that caters to every personality type

SEP 10, 2020 | By Jhanvi Somaya
The entrance features pastel wooden dolls from Visakhapatnam, while a light installation runs along the length of the corridor; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari
Right behind the reception is a waiting lounge; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari
An informal workstation is created akin to a kitchen island; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari
Informal seating spaces are scattered all over to provide ample spaces for discussions as well as breaks; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari
Ceramic lamps and circular light fixtures are seen in this waiting lounge; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari
Inspired by the utility of the space, this 20-foot wall with a mural of varied workers becomes the perfect backdrop for brainstorming; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari
The cafeteria features comfortable couches, high chairs and a small coffee counter to allow employees to unwind; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari

Architect Robin Chhabra—the co-founder and CEO of Dextrus—along with fellow architect Nishil Shah, has brought to life an unconventional design for a coworking space that promotes creativity and productivity in workspaces. The aim for this 15,000 sq ft office is to create an environment that maximises the potential of every creative personality type. 

The coworking workspace comprises a multifunctional layout, encompassing private offices, flexible desks, event spaces, meeting rooms, libraries, phone booths and lounges.

To achieve modernity and elegance, a combination of gold-tinted glass partitions and white walls are seen across the office, with occasional pops of pink, green and dark grey. Meanwhile, to ensure simplicity and bring in depth, patterned wood panels and lime plaster ceilings are added. 

Under a dusty pink limewashed ceiling is a cosy corner in beige tones. Comfortable seaters, a series of paintings and a textured wall complete this space; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari

The seating options vary from high, medium and low, ensuring that each individual preference is considered. Breaking away from the whitewashed walls are the dusty pink limewashed ceiling and embroidered cushions for the seaters.

Patterned wooden panels line the ceiling of the lounge, which serves as an additional zone for workshops and meetings; Photographs by Aniruddh Kothari

From the very entrance, where a welcoming light installation spans the length of the corridor, it’s obvious that lighting plays a pivotal role for Dextrus. Pockets of open spaces are adorned with ceramic lamps, while glass moulded lanterns are seen in the cafeteria. The passage features blown glass lamps and cane woven lanterns, and ceramic table lamps add warmth in the library. 

We love that the architects have curated artworks such that they bring in an element of local heritage—through the collaboration of multiple artisans and mixed materials, we see everything from traditional miniature paintings, pastel wooden dolls from Visakhapatnam and sketches of the Patola weave and block printing.