This vegan restaurant in Chandigarh explores fifty shades of green by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio

MAY 14, 2024 | By Rhea Mulani
The rectilinear space boasts two floors with a geometrically charged design; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta
The entrance announces the theme of the space with dramatic effect; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta
The asymmetrical set-up is a treat for the eyes, leading to an open coffee bar at the end; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

Umpteen visuals may transpire at the thought of the word vegan. Eco-conscious? Plant-based? And even the greens! In Chandigarh, a vegan revolution is shaping up at a restaurant dubbed V-Spot Cafe with its interiors crafted by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio. A completely plant-based eatery for the vegan savants, it stays true to its name and ethos, assuming a geometrically-dressed design that simply grows on you. 

The asymmetrical set-up is a treat for the eyes, leading to an open coffee bar at the end; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

Tantalising and tasteful, V-Spot Cafe is an extension of its host city, one that is synonymous with Modernist architecture and lush surroundings. During the design process of the 1,200 sq ft eatery, Sanchit and Sanjay Arora of their firm alongside senior architect Akarsh Varma viewed the space with a bifocal intent. The aim was to bring veganism to the city’s diners. It was also imperative to ignite a curious appetite for plant-based food. The result? A harlequin-hued space that stands as a visual manifestation of the concept of veganism itself.

Green foliage randomly interspersed across the eatery, makes for an organic touch; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta


Veganism is reimagined as a physical entity at the city’s vegan restaurant of its kind; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

The new green!

Walking through the delicate glass-front entryway, guests are welcomed into the space washed in shades of lime green and pristine white, marked with black grout.

“It is a tight, rectilinear site that is flanked on either side by buildings, exposing only the façade to the streetscape,” shares principal architect Sanchit. The compact space enjoys a bi-level structure with a subway-esque staircase connecting the two floors. “The material palette is a modest yet effective mix of tiles, strategically positioned mirrored panels, black and white metal, and organic greens in unexpected nooks,” he adds. 

The entrance announces the theme of the space with dramatic effect; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta


Semicircular frameworks and furniture challenge the conventional notions of spatial interiors; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

On the ground floor, the area is asymmetrically classified by contrasting colours. Towards the left, 80s diner-style chartreuse tables line the periphery, bestrewn with natural planters. Here, guests are treated to a visual feast of sorts with nostalgic elements that intertwine with futuristic facets. Case in point: The assortment of retro hemispherical booths and intimate banquette pods on the right end of the restaurant. 

Palette to palate

A striking pattern play is on full display with a curvature layout at the opposite end that stands in stark contrast to the eatery’s dominantly linear appeal. Here, visitors can indulge in brews and banter at the open coffee bar akin to an apsidal alcove. 

The entrance leads to banquet pods on the right, perfect for intimate gatherings; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta


The lime green upholstery seamlessly adheres to the vegan DNA of the bistro; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

Further inside, an animated staircase indicates there’s more on the table with a prep kitchen, alfresco seating and thick foliage upstairs. Here, fresh food and fresh air make for a refreshing dining experience.

The lime green seating adds a vibrant touch to the primarily monochrome canvas; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta
Diners are transported straight to the 80s with hemispherical booths that line the periphery; Photographs by Niveditaa Gupta

The characteristic green palate, which naturally complements the space’s penchant for a green palette hardly goes unnoticed! Having sown the seeds for a vegan wave that continues to sweep across Chandigarh, V-Spot Cafe stands as an avant-garde epicurean haunt. Come for the food and stay for the interiors at this gluten-free and fuss-free eatery.

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