reD Architects encapsulates an exemplary narrative of design and expression in this Mumbai home

JUN 24, 2019 | By Maithili Raut
The living room is decorated with a stone-grey couch, leather-steel chair, glass-topped wooden coffee table from Defurn as well as a collection of MF Husain’s covetable ‘Ganesha’ series; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri

Leaving a pure confluence of select materials in their true form, this decadent yet the understated home project focuses on peeling away one’s “affected” layers and creating a timeless abode.

Located in the busy, leafy neighbourhood of Breach Candy in Mumbai, it presents a personal expression of starting afresh. But with a whole host of memories, passions and past experiences, constituting original midcentury and modern furniture, artworks including photographs, sculptural objects and paintings, and a comprehensive collection of books.

Meanwhile, the use of teak and limestone as continuous flooring across the house sets a spartan yet consciously crafted tone.

The cosy bar nook is decorated with a Payal Khandwala artwork and a Bonsai from Vriksha Nursery; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri

Space incorporates elements such as a cast in-situ concrete bench against a concrete wall, a barrel repurposed as an all-weather table, an outdoor kitchen and a herb garden. Intangible memories, such as the client’s love for reading and of growing up in a family home with delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen, have been manifested in the room divisions that allow him to amalgamate the many joys of life—cooking, literature and social interaction.

The living room is decorated with a stone-grey couch, leather-steel chair; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri

The owner’s mandate for space was of “restrained luxury”, which is evident in the handcrafted wood skirting that frames the limestone floor, the muted bedrooms and bathrooms that elevate the overall theme of the home as well as the living room shelving system that appears light and horizontal, owing to the double inwards chamfer along its edges. The apartment also features a spacious terrace space, which is the preferred zone for hosting and entertaining because of its magnificent open vistas.

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The reading room is designed using teak wood shelves, locally sourced gauges, and brass and copper pipes; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


The dining area is lit by a Foscarini lamp from vis à vis; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


An open larder area houses a vintage coffee machine; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


An old library cabinet is repurposed as a bar unit, while the table is made using micro concrete and old Burma teak; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


The bedroom as a sanctum exercises austerity and restraint with minimal decor, showcasing a Jitish Kallat artwork and an old window from Chor Bazaar; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


Rajiv Parekh’s writing desk design is made in mild steel and glass; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


The Zen-like decor scheme continues in the bathroom; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


The look is achieved by using tiles from Cambay Stones and fittings from FCML and Belleza; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


A propeller blade of an antique World War II helicopter is placed against a seamless concrete wall by Greenheart Floors; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


Brass and copper pipes add an industrial look in the library; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


The teak wood lamp above the bar counter features etched drawings by Ekta Parekh; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


Antique brass switches; Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri


Photographs By Jignesh Jhaveri