Rajiv Parekh: EDIDA India 2015 Wall Finishes and Coverings winner

MAY 16, 2016 | By Tasneem Merchant
A rural school envisioned by Rajiv that runs on zero energy and also has water harvesting facilities. Rajiv’s EDIDA India 2015 winning hexagonal wall panel changes depending on how the light falls on it. In one of his projects, Rajiv integrates lights into the details of the bathroom.
“Ekta (my wife) and I were looking at something that was a more research based and design oriented practice. We wanted to stay away from stylistic jobs,” emphasises Rajiv Parekh, joint winner of EDIDA India 2015 wall finishes and coverings, on how Red Architects, his outfit in Mumbai came to be. “It all fell into place when we were at the Whitney Museum in New York and we saw a catalogue with the word Red with the dictionary meaning in the Courier New font…that was our ‘this is it’ moment.”
For Rajiv, working with his hands was crucial. As a young child, he took a shine to carpentry, which continued for the next three years. He loved creating and giving a “physical manifestation to ideas”; so architecture seemed the natural way to go.
Having always made a conscious decision to stay away from publications and awards, as it seemed “boastful and self-promoting”, Rajiv was persuaded by his colleagues to change his views. He recently won an EDIDA for his modular and interactive hexagonal wall panels. “In the last two years I was convinced that my perception was jaded and pessimistic. We submitted our entry and won! It feels outstanding to win such a prestigious competition. The appreciation of your work by fellow colleagues gives a good high,” he confesses.
The ardent fan of U2 and Pink Floyd wishes to be able to buy the David Sassoon Library at Kala Ghoda, one day and turn it into his office. “It has tremendous character. It has this green backyard and is situated in this creative precinct…it even has a small spiral staircase that leads up to the attic,” he exclaims.
Currently, he is involved in several residential projects and a hospital in Kanpur where he is experimenting with eco-friendly construction and low cost building involving local kiln fired bricks. With more interesting projects coming his way, Rajiv is, as his favourite band, Pink Floyd would say, “headed straight into the shining sun”.
Website: www.redarchitects.in
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