Quick Freeze: Papacream, a new Mumbai joint that sells liquid nitrogen ice creams

OCT 14, 2015 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

Store bought ice cream is now old school. And who loves melted sticky cream running down your hands, ruining your indulgent experience anyway? Say hello to the instant liquid nitrogen version at Papacream, Mumbai that promises a new breed of desserts in a place that’s comfortable and fun. But did it score on all fronts and flavours from us or did it turn out to be just plain vanilla?
First impression Located at Churchgate, Papacream, designed by interiors expert Maria Hill of the city based Aria Design Studio, is bright and cheerful complemented with unconventional furniture. The tall, white ice cream counter full of gloved men, sporadically disappearing behind clouds of nitrogen smoke, producing the most sinful ice cream delights…we thought this is exactly what heaven should look like.
The interiorsCycle shaped tall stools, a winding staircase that leads to the cosy first floor seating area, soft blue tiled walls and a ferris wheel holding cups of toppings, make this the ideal place to retreat to on a hot afternoon. Four menus on the wall overlooking the main counter, tell you the story of the place in a nutshell – this is not like your average ice cream parlour….
Unlike most miniature dessert takeaway joints, this place persuades you to surrender to your cravings through their fantastic range of sweet and savoury options. The first floor is designed with wooden chairs and tables, the ceiling with fairy lights and quotes on the walls that melt away your calorie induced guilt. Once at the shop, the ambience and the exhaustive menu of countless flavours makes sure you sneak in another dollop or two.  As the owners, husband and wife duo Tanvi and Abhinav Chowdhri quip, “You are here, and here to stay!”
The food and serviceAn ice cream wonderland, creating frozen delights made of natural ingredients…all in seconds. Instant gratification much? The ice creams are all pure vegetarian, handcrafted with natural ingredients. The menu is divided into four categories: Classic, premium, signature, and sorbets and coffee. While you can make your own mix of flavoured desserts, we opted for the quick a la carte service instead.
Here, we were presented with some of the most innovative flavours from the menu namely chocolate ginger creme brulee, spicy guava sorbet, peach ‘n’ nut classic ice cream and orange and basil sorbet. While excessively sour pani puri sorbet was a bit of a downer, our favourite by a clear margin was the jumbo doughwich signature creation, made of homemade doughnut layered with velvety Belgian chocolate ice cream riveted with whipped cream, oreos, fudge sauce, caramel sauce and dipping chocolate…all packed as a sandwich and as filling as supper.
What took us by surprise though, was the Mexicano mini snack. A spin on the regular nachos and cream starter, this one had a melange of flavours: Four different nacho chips in a box (spinach, cheddar, jalapeno and beetroot) with the dip as ice cream made of cheddar cheese, smoked bell peppers, and jalapeno placed in middle loaded with flavor. This was such a successful and bold attempt at turning a savoury into a sweet!
ED’s final verdictLiquid nitrogen ice creams save the fuss and frills of ice creams in tall glasses, wide sundae dishes and sandwiched between biscuits. It’s a treat to see the dessert come together within seconds, right in front of your eyes. And the permutations and combinations of flavours will leave you with a happy heart (and a frozen tongue).
Address: Papacream, Shop 18, Eros Building, JT Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 20. Tel: (022) 65177272Website: