Pure Earth by Boutique Living is a refined bed linen range laced with organic and eco-friendly elements that every home will love

JAN 13, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana
Luxurious and minimal, the organic bed linens in Boutique Living's collection Pure Earth elevate the look of a home; Photographs by Boutique Living
Available in variety of colours, the organic Pure Earth bed linens by Boutique Living are a must have; Photographs by Boutique Living
Pure Earth linens are created and dyed with non-sulphur based materials synthesised from agricultural, food and herbal waste; Photographs by Boutique Living

One word that has earned a permanent spot in everyone’s vocabulary today is ‘lifestyle’. In the last few years, a certain aspiration to lead an elevated lifestyle that feels good, looks good and inspires others to make similar choices has taken centre stage. And one imperative segment of this way of life is choosing greener, more eco-friendly alternatives in our daily routines. boutique living

Imbued precisely with this philosophy in concept and in action is Boutique Living and their environmentally conscious range of bed linen dubbed ‘Pure Earth’.

Boutique living organic bed linen
Boutique Living launches Pure Earth, a sustainable range of bed linens; Photographs by Boutique Living

Boutique Living is launched by Indo Count who specialise as end-to-end bedding providers focussed on creating all-encompassing sleep experiences. Boutique Living takes pride in its expertise in refined bed linen and offering the finest quality of bedding to the modern, discerning Indian consumers, who equally value their restful hours in the bedroom as much as their work hours. That’s where the brand steps in with its assortment of organic linen designs that you just can’t help but fetch one (or more!) for your bed, too.

Their repertoire encompasses some of the cosiest and chic-looking bed sheets, comforters, draw sheets, coverlets and fitted sheets.

Boutique living organic bed linen
With a thread count of 300, the Pure Earth organic linens look good and are kind to the planet too; Photographs by Boutique Living

The brand’s latest collection of sustainable linens ‘Pure Earth’ fits like the perfect piece of puzzle for homes that value nature and green practises. Available in 100 percent organic cotton linens, comfort becomes synonymous with the entire range. Draped in excellent softness, thanks to the premier quality of organic linens, every creation in Pure Earth collection shows high absorbency rates, while being light and allowing ventilation for a sound sleep. Turning attention to the alluring colour palette of ‘Pure Earth’ range, one can deck up their beds with hues such as earthy greens, blues, whites, beige, grey and more.

Boutique living organic bed linen
Swathed in earthy, elegant hues, the 100 percent organic cotton linen are perfect for everyday use; Photographs by Boutique Living

With a thread count of 300, the organic linens are carefully crafted with non-sulphur based materials synthesised from agricultural, herbal and food waste, including wastes from cotton seed, almond nutshells, palmetto fruit waste and more. This ensures that the major ambit of farming wastes is converted to use for the process of crafting Pure Earth linens.

Elaborating on the new collection, Rajiv Merchant, President, Domestic Retail at Indo Count Industries, says, “As a brand we not only care about our customers but also the planet we live in, Pure Earth is our attempt at blending ecologically viable merchandise with the sublime design language and impeccable quality we are known for”.

Boutique living organic bed linen
With a kind thought for the environment, the sustainable bed linens also enhance the aesthetics of a bedroom; Photographs by Boutique Living

Luxurious, minimal and elegant, the linen augments the mood of the home, infused with six shades that are easy on the eye and kind on our planet. Devoid of any traces of chemicals, that is zero chemical intervention, the dyes also contain end-to-end traceable properties enabling environmental accountability. The linens are not only nature-conscious but are also easy on the pockets that every home and consumer would love to own for its favourite space, bedrooms, where leisure, creativity and work hours all come alive at once.

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