Promotion: Upgrade your home in 3 easy steps with Hafele India

DEC 7, 2017 | By Hafele India
The walk-in wardrobe system by Hafele India. Hafele’s Sliding Countertop doubles up as an addition to your current countertop. The X-Jet features powerful nozzles on the outer ring.

Hafele India knows that you have too much stuff with very little space. The brand provides “More Life Per M2” with three easy ways to upgrade your home without taking up another room:(1)  For the bedroom: Walk-in WardrobeThe Walk-in Wardrobe systems are what you’ve dreamt of since you saw Carrie Bradshaw’s closet in Sex And The City. However, you don’t need an additional room for these – Hafele provides shelves, racks, drawers and automatic lighting that can be fit in anywhere You can customize the fittings according to the space you already have, along with luxury accents like LED illuminated shelves and wardrobe lifts. (2)For the bathroom: The X-JetIf fitting in a spa and hiring masseuses was too much of a stretch for the imagination — and your bathroom — Hafele India’s X-Jet shower is the easiest way to pamper yourself without breaking walls. The showerhead features powerful nozzles on the outer ring, while the inner ring pushes water out through vacuum. (3) For the kitchen: The Sliding CountertopHafele’s Sliding Countertop doubles up as an addition to your current countertop or can be bought as a unique product. The countertops are fit cross-wise over each other, and can cover built-in hobs, kitchen sinks, retractable faucets, pop-up sockets, while providing a lot of space. Website:

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