Promotion: The luxury office space of Sources Unlimited makes work feel like pleasure

MAR 29, 2018 | By Sources Unlimited
(L-R) Different material and colour palettes make appearances in different zones of the office space;The floating desk in the reception area adds an element of surreality;The Director's Cabin features matte copper panels and coloured veneer;The glossy conference room features subdued tones with gold accents.

Monday blues don’t exist at the sleek office space of Sources Unlimited, a high-end furniture and lighting brand. Designed by boutique architecture firm HJ Studio by Hiral Jobalia, the main design brief was to showcase their range of lights, furniture and accessories while creating an effective workspace. The firm believed the most challenging aspect of the project was that it had to be Vaastu-compliant, and they introduced a different material and colour palette in different zones. Lighting was also an integral part of the entire design strategy to achieve the exact colour temperature of the displayed products, with accent and task lights sourced from brands like Igguzini and LED Linear. From the floating suspended desk in the reception area to the glossy conference room, this office keeps things classy. Website: Also read: This designer’s workspace banishes Monday blues