Promotion: Script’s new design movement will change the way you live

OCT 8, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri
Modern furniture pieces by Script.

When it comes to entertainment, millennials might love heading to the latest brewery, but they also like to lounge at home, where they can curl up reading a book or watch their favourite TV episodes. Your binge-watching experience can get bothersome by bad postures. Are you a working professional tired of the boring 9-5 desk job? You may and set up a workstation at home. Can the environment add to your multi-tasking spaces?

Making this unpredictability come to life is Script – a new perspective on furniture design. Browse through a collection that is innovative and aesthetically designed around your living space and activities for a fluid living experience. Think a sofa that can let you spread up while watching a movie or a table that extends to create space for impromptu dinner with the guests. With Script, you can choose the way you live – through intuitive design that is intentionally “hackable” to suit one’s personal style preferences.

Ecosystem For your home At Script, furniture pieces combine to enhance your daily living or hobbies which has been coined to be called an ecosystem. Pick your favourite weekend activity, we love unwinding in a space with our favourite read of the month. Varied elements of furniture such as a table, an armchair, shelves, and accessories come together to create this unique experience. The fluidity of design and purpose is the essence of Script.

There are no rules or boundaries when it comes to experimenting with your furniture – find the liberty to use it in multiple ways and ways. Script gives you the elements you need to craft the life you deserve. Welcome to the new design movement that will free your inhibition to think, move, laugh and live.Welcome to Freedom of Living.Welcome to Script.