Promotion: Jaipur Rugs takes you through the process of creating a carpet, knot by knot

NOV 6, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni
L-R: The brand highlights the originality of artisans and their workmanship; Jaipur Rugs brings unique hand-woven designs to the fore; Knot by Knot, they take us through the process.

From artwork to tableware, we wouldn’t want our home to look anything like our neighbour’s. Avoiding mass production, Jaipur Rugs brings hand-woven designs to the fore; straight from the homes of village artisans. Each rug is an outcome of a series of meticulous processes, where it goes through 186 hands before it’s transformed into a work of art.

After procuring wool from suppliers all over the world, the brand washes and dyes the fabric before it can be used. A team of designers along with village artisans collaborate to design the rug, which artisans create, knot by knot. After a series of inspections and detailed finishing sessions, the carpets are categorized into various collections – from Artisan Originals to a Designer range.
Rethinking craftsmanship, the brand brings back the dying art of hand-knotted rugs in a unique way.
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