Promotion: Build your dream home with Nivasa Contemporary

JAN 23, 2018 | By Sakshi Agrawal
Nivasa Contemporary creates multi-functional and compact furniture. Use of distinctive color and material combinations; Right: A wide range of accessories on display to match the furniture

For aficionados of contemporary customized furniture, Nivasa Contemporary comes as a welcome respite from the assembly line productions available on every second online portal and furniture store.

Taking cues from founder and Creative Director, Saba Kapoor, the label is built on the foundation of a 24-year-old luxury lifestyle company, and has crossed the boundaries of art, engineering and design through distinctive color and material combinations. Ensuring that their discerning clientele are part of the process, they offer design consultation and customization services. Choose from a plethora of leather upholstery and material options like wood, marble, glass, hardwood and engineered stones, to create multi-functional and compact furniture like tables with detachable table tops, sofas and beds starting from Rs 1,80,000.
Displayed at Nivasa Stores, you can spot the unique techniques used by them from mixing metal and wood to contrast of matt and glossy surfaces. To match the furniture, they have a wide range of accessories on display like lamps made from blown glass and drapes obtained from top designers of the world.
Nivasa contemporary has taken the furniture design industry up a notch with their exclusive contemporary furniture and consultation services to give you a home of your dreams.
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