Promotion: Amp up your bathing experience with GROHE’s high-tech shower range

JUL 13, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri
Tempesta by GROHE. Euphoria Shower System by GROHE. Smartactive Rain Shower by GROHE.

Do you shower just to get squeaky-clean or for daily indulgence? Most people choose former due to lack of awareness of advanced showerheads. If your showerhead is inadequate, there’s no reason why you have to grin and bear it when you can enjoy vacation-calibre bath experience. This is now made possible with GROHE’s extensive range of innovative and high precision showerheads.1. Eliminating pain-pointsAs a homeowner, you are constantly struggling with shower issues like lack of performance due to low water pressure, clogged nozzles, lesser spread because of inadequate size of the showerhead and water wastage even after turning off the shower. Additionally, you also end up wasting considerable time waiting for the right mix of hot and cold water for a refreshing bathing experience. These fittings from GROHE are your ultimate solution to eliminate all these problems.2. Multi-spray optionsFrom gentle rain drizzles to invigorating massages, GROHE’s multi-sensory showers have high-precision nozzles that could change the way you bathe. Start your day with a perk-me up morning shower with energy-infusing ‘Trio-Massage’ sprays to elevate your mood. If you are faced with a long, tiring day at work, revel in the glory of the ‘Bokoma’ spray setting to loosen up tensed muscles, ‘Rain’ for oxygen-infused relaxing shower and ‘Waterfall’ softly enveloping the body taking your daily shower one step further by indulging in an ultimate bathing experience.3. Precise water dropletsGROHE believes that the secret to a perfect shower lies in its drops. With itsadvanced shower engines inside the shower head, it delivers the utmost precision and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle so that you get equally distributed drops which are 100% equal in size, for a relaxing and unparalleled showering experience.4. Low water pressureLow water pressure is a usual occurrence in Indian homes and it really hampers our showering experience. But now you do not have to live with it, Grohe has introduced a special shower range ‘Tempesta’ which has multi-flow options for high performance even when the water pressure is as low as 0.1.5. Shiny ‘n’ squeakyThe bathware giant has designed the shower heads to be ten times more scratch resistant and have surface that is a three times harder, helping you keep your shower sparkling even after years.6. Water-saving bath fixturesThe GROHE fixtures ensure that you conserve water without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Their innovative shower technology saves over 20,000 litres a year, per family.7. Hassle-free cleaningChanging your showerheads every six months because of rust and dirt is no longer a necessity. GROHE’s showers remove any rigid lime scale with just a quick finger swipe and the inner water guide protects the shower body, making it 100% rust resistant for longer usage.Read more about GROHE’s showerheads here