9 creatives share with us their favourite outdoor settings

APR 10, 2020 | By Aneesha Bhadri
A39 by Akshat Bhatt
Outdoor space by Ritu Nanda photographed by Bharath Ramamurtham
Rajiv Saini
Seema Puri Mullan
Anita Dalmia

The golden warmth of the sun, vibrant foliage rustling and swaying in the faint summer breeze, cool pools of water sparkling under clear skies—these are the sights and smells that touch a place in our heart that few things can. Man may enjoy his splendid, well-appointed homes but the outdoors hold a special place, calling to some genetic memory of roving in the wild outdoors. Our connection to nature endures, letting her healing powers erase the tension and induce a tranquility in us. At a time when this lockdown has us compulsorily house bound, we feel the need for her therapeutic embrace all the more. And so we asked some of our favourite creatives for a look into their beloved outdoor spaces. Take a walk on the green side with us…

Anita Dalmia Designs
“A therapeutic and soothing experience is to watch the shifting colours of the leaves, contrasting or merging, creating a sort of layered look”, shares Anita Dalmia. She suggests adding artefacts and using lights to set an ambience of one’s choice.

“Living close to greenery means that you not only have the ability to grow plants and herbs but also to dine alfresco. There is nothing like setting up a nice table with fairy lights and candles,” say Shefali Balwani and Robert Verrijt.

An outdoor space designed by ArchitectureBRIO in Mumbai

Architecture Discipline
This winter house strikes an inseparable relationship with the landscape, opening out to a formal garden on one side and an informal one with a water body on the other. Akshat Bhatt’s design is a tasteful assemblage of themes woven around art and artefacts.

Humming Tree
“Man’s need for dominion over nature is waning and being cocooned in greenery is the new normal.” Living in Kerala in the midst of tall coconut trees, Mohammed Afnan and Arun Shekar enjoy a natural landscape that reflects their relaxed approach to life.

Humming Tree showcases an alfresco space

Iqrup + Ritz
Perhaps of the best spots for contemplating and ideating for mother daughter duo Iqrup and Ritika Dhamija is this outdoor space in their Delhi home. Seen is the semi shaded, outdoor space with a verdant view punctuated by floral blooms.

Iqrup + Ritz’s patio is a year-round sunny haven

Ritu Nanda Design
“Tropical architecture creates opportunities to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle year round,” feels Ritu Nanda. The highlight of Villa Anastasia in Goa is its abundant access to the outdoors—from the verandah styled living room to the alfresco bar and dining pavilion.

Rajiv Saini & Associates
“Nothing is more inspiring and calming than being surrounded by nature,” says Rajiv Saini. So while designing, he always works out ways to bring a feel of the outdoors into living areas, inviting people to step of boxed zones.

SEZA Architects
In this space, all key spaces open onto the gardens, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. “The attempt,” say Seema Puri and Zarir Mullan, “is to always design from out to in.”

Sonali Purewal Design
The garden is her sanctuary, admits Sonali Purewal, where she and her family enjoy meals, play with their dogs, read, walk, do yoga, and have the occasional Skype meeting. She suggests creating a Zen corner, even if bifurcated by a simple muslin dupatta.