Prepare to illuminate your home this holiday season and venture into 2020 innovatively

DEC 24, 2019 | By Srishti Vaidyeshwaran
Legrand's IoT

Festivals are a time for people to come together and celebrate. The holiday season means guests and family drop by, and there’s a steady flow of people in and out of your home. There’s a constant bustle in the house, and everyone is visiting each other. With all the bustle and movement, the people, the food and the decorations, it’s the ambience that matters. The hallmark of any holiday season is in the little details. It’s the festive decor, the new furnishings, and the lighting. However, getting a home festival ready is no easy task. It takes weeks of co-ordination, multiple runs and checks before your house is all decked up for the season. Multi-tasking can be an issue because everything needs to be kept an eye on due to the steady influx of guests and an open door. There always has to be someone entertaining the guests, while someone else oversees the food. Legrand’s Classe 300, allows you to access and open the door from anywhere via your mobile device. There’s no need to multi-task anymore – there’s something that’ll do the work for you.




Ambient lighting sets the festive vibe of the house; however, there are always extra lights on that can be unnecessary, and rack up quite a bill. With sustainability being a concern, the best way to have a decked up home and save on electricity is to convert your home into a smart home with Arteor by Legrand. One can also track and manage one’s energy consumption over a period, through Legrand’s Home + Control app for their Arteor range. The holiday season is all about cherishing memories and creating new ones with friends and family. The focus should be on the people and the experience, and the best way to ensure that you have a memorable festive experience is to have a smart home. With Legrand’s IoT, turn your abode into a smart home for an indelible living experience. To know more about the connected living experience and the IoT range, click here