Pratik Siddhpura and Devang Patel have created a workplace with sartorial sensibilities and a penchant for quirks

JAN 9, 2021 | By Meghna Meduri
The ceramic mosaic flooring balances the textures of the exposed walls; Photographs by Photographix
Seen here are the free-standing work desk with red granite top, the yellow centre table and a quirky artwork; Photographs by Photographix

Located in the industrial hub of Ankleshwar city, this 350 sq ft office developed by Pratik Siddhpura and Devang Patel of P&D Associates is a stylised rendition of colours, patterns and all things fun.

The team was approached to design a new cabin space in the existing factory plot and were tasked to create a layout with minimal requirement of a compact meeting space and a fully functional owner’s cabin to entertain executives.

The space was converted into a two-storeyed office with the owner’s cabin on the first floor overlooking the entire property. It connected to the small and simple meeting space on the ground level with the help of an exposed concrete staircase finished with hairpin wrought iron railing detail.

Colours and patterns add energy in the cabin on the first floor; Photographs by Photographix

The entire office building uses exposed bricks, giving it an industrial look, while splashes of yellow and red offset the brickwork and add a contemporary character. The cabin features vertical slit windows and a strategically placed door for controlled vision over the outside activities.

The exposed wall is offset by the strategic use of colourful decor and pop artefacts; Photographs by Photographix

The interiors are decked with a free-standing work desk, small lounge space with a yellow centre table, exposed brick wall and custom-designed minimalist furniture. 

Yellow in the framework adds a fresh and modern look; Photographs by Photographix

Inspired by the client’s sartorial love for colours and quirky patterns, the space is crafted with special care for the palette that is soothing to the eyes yet one that balances the desired look.

A Michelangelo painting leans against the wall; Photographs by Photographix

The flooring is laid in ceramic mosaics which sets the overall mood of the space. To balance the intricate flooring pattern, the exposed brick wall takes a subtle backseat. Colour blocking in both interior and exterior facades of the structure, instills an urban essence to the earthy vibe of the space.

The building is cast in exposed brickwork and paralleled by pops of yellow, as seen in the spiral fire escape stairway; Photographs by Photographix

“Our client is a fashion-forward personality who embraces colours and patterns, and appreciates a unique outlook, while staying connected to his roots,” share the founders of P&D Associates.

Vertical slit windows bring in diffused illumination and a sense of openness; Photographs by Photographix

The free-standing work desk with red granite top is paired with yellow accents for a playful vibe in this industrial space. Coalescing in harmony, the patterns and textures of this space effectively draw the overarching themes together.