Phare’s new pop-up shop is an explosion of colour and geometry

MAR 5, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
(L-R) Left: Pink perspex mirror (that distorts the reflection of the upper body, ensuring the focus is on the shoes; Right: a blue capsule-shaped, leopard print bench seat grabs visitors attention;The display stands finished in a ruby red are reminiscent of an iconic shade of lipstick, and the pink perspex of the feature oval mirrors suggests blush;The Phare Shoes pop-up features strong angles and geometries, which collide with peach tones and pops of magenta and blue;The space plays upon the contrast between hard and soft elements, just like Phare's aesthetic.
Shoeaholics, we’ve got good news! A tiny pop-up store for a chic fashion brand, Phare, will not only witness shoe-lovers geeking out over their love of their gorgeous candy-hued shoes but also give the shoppers a stunning visual treat. Designed by bespoke Australian interior design firm, Christopher Elliott Design features eye-catching aesthetic — featuring strong angles and geometries. Enter into a realm of sugary candies and colourful popsicles.
The colour palette is inspired by warm skin tones and the forms are a nod to classic Italian architecture — adorned with interiors crafted and manicured in rich peach tones and bright pops of magenta and blue, almost good enough to eat. “We had a strong vision that you should feel bathed in warmth being in the space. Our design embodies the same passion for quality and playful colour that is reflected in the product line up,” says Christopher Elliott, Principal Designer of Christopher Elliott Design.
The sun-kissed hue of the walls — inspired by warm skin tones — creates a mellow light, appealing to all. A quick glance across the store and you will be encapsulated by the powerful sense of feminine tones. While the display stand in a ruby red finish is reminiscent of an iconic shade of lipstick, the pink perspex of the feature oval mirrors suggests rosy blush. This is further enhanced by the feature mirrors which are a combination of bronze and pink. The entire space plays upon the contrast between strong and soft elements. The colour blocking technique used within the store zaps customers’ attention straight to the product. We are already dreaming of a fun Candyland retail escape to Phare, are you?