P&D Associates portal us to the old-world French bistro culture through Restro Qualia

MAY 22, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Smooth rounded edges, arches and overhanging chandelier can be spotted at regular intervals; Photographs by Photographix
Following simple earthy tones while incorporating modern art deco and traditional bistro vibe; Photographs by Photographix
Material palette plays a major role in defining the design story of Restro Qualia; Photographs by Photographix
Beautifully designed cash counter in corian slab; Photographs by Photographix
The hand painted wall piece by a local artist is a unique feature which is curated just for this café; Photographs by Photographix
Traditional design offset with modern elements; Photographs by Photographix
An urban oasis that allows its visitors to savour their favourite beverage in a meticulously designed environment; Photographs by Photographix
The design blends authentic bistro style with rustic finishes; Photographs by Photographix

With an interior footprint spanning 1,000 sq ft, Restro Qualia by Principal Designers Devang Patel and Pratik Siddhpura of P&D Associates features an on-site café and mocktail bar with a dining space for almost 50 people. Located in Bharuch, the outpost has an exposed ceiling complemented with rough finishes. 

Subtle and uncomplicated, the layout consists of a dining space out front and a kitchen in the back. We’re greeted by an elegant Corian slab counter on the right along with a quirky bar counter accentuated by an array of hanging hats!

Executing the client’s brief to perfection, the designers made sure the customers gain an experience of uptown café culture, with a fresh & young outlook.

Restro Qualia is an engaging visual feast with an overseas identity; Photographs by Photographix 

Café Qualia embodies the quintessential French bistro experience in a warm and cosy environment. Dressed in a palette of mortar washed brick, the theme for this space is a reflection of old culture fused with contemporary aesthetics.

Seen here is a hand painted flamingo artwork that embellishes the brick backdrop; Photographs by Photographix 

A hand painted wall, covering the exposed brickwork is decorated with a vintage wall mirror overlooking the dining space, and easily becomes the most arresting feature in the cafe! The space is also characterised by smooth and rounded edges, arches overhanging chandeliers, and a decorative wrought iron entrance.

Natural tones and intricate detailing along with modern bespoke furnishings enhance the aesthetics of the space; Photographs by Photographix 

Inspired by the ornate cafés of Paris, Restro Qualia endures natural tones and intricate detailing including modern bespoke furnishings, an open counter mocktail bar.

Corian slabs used in the reception table brightens the reception area; Photographs by Photographix 

Incorporating simple yet effective design methodology, the primary material used in the flooring was the polyblend sanded grout in true white that lightens the brick and aids the colour to pop.

An old fashioned bar counter offsets the exposed brick wall that is bedecked with a cool hat installation; Photographs by Photographix 

Keeping in line with the theme, P&D Associates collaborated with a local artist to deck Qualia with a hand painted wall piece. This interior space is an interpretation of the traditional design offset with modern elements.

Mortar washed brickwork is used for covering floors and walls as well; Photographs by Photographix 

Talking about the challenges faced while designing, Patel emphasises the right layout, “While designing cafés, accommodating maximum sitting space without cramping and making it airy is always a thing which benefits the restaurateur. Creating the right layout which balances the needs of both the restaurateur and the customers was a paramount factor and a fun exercise for us,” concludes the designer.