A pastel replay: This pet-friendly Pune home by Spaces, Things Etcetera plays with materials and tones

MAR 19, 2024 | By Bindu Gopal Rao
Photography by Hemant Patil
Photography by Hemant Patil
Photography by Hemant Patil

In Pune, a home nests a family and its two pet canines splashed with an all-rounding sense of lively quietude. With Vaidehi Lilladhar Thakkar, Principal Designer, Spaces, Things Etcetera at the helm of renovating an existing space, the singular idea of design coalesces form and function.

The best part? The 2,000 sq ft home now stands as the perfect refuge for the homeowners to unwind and revel in the countless design inspirations it embraces throughout. At the centre of it all are — textural tones that complement the many materials used.

The tableware has been sourced from different spaces. The fruit plates are from No-Mad, candle holders from Atelier Lalmitti, candles from H&M, and some other accessories from the local market (Kumbharwada); Photography by Hemant Patil

On ground, off ground…

One of the first discussions to transpire between Vaidehi and the family was about choosing the flooring. The existing floor was off-white Italian marble and as the brief was to move away from the same material and colour, a shade of grey took over the floor’s canvas. “It was also important to make sure that the new floor was pet-proof. The family owns two pet dogs and it was imperative that the floors don’t get paw scratches. Indian stones were explored and ultimately we decided to cast in-situ terrazzo floor with cuddapah inlay,” explains Vaidehi.

The meticulously crafted terrazzo tiling is in-situ, giving the apartment a unique touch. The centre table from N Square Studio, carpet from The Rug Story and throw from Metaphorracha tie this space neatly together; Photography by Hemant Patil


The unique colour of the bricks harmonizes seamlessly with the cool tones of the tiling. The wall décor here is the Traditional Straw Raincoat by Cane Concept; Photography by Hemant Patil

Moving away from monotonous echoes inside the home crafted in collaboration with Advanced Nature, Vaidehi says, “We have focused on using materials that have tactile quality to them. The oak veneer, marble, cudappah terrazzo, banana fibre, unpolished grit work in the living area and linen tapestry — all have been chosen to add a textural layer to the space.”

Sketching traditional influences

The main entrance to the apartment sets the tone with the three-coloured door frame, merging natural oak veneer and grey stained oak veneer with a black border. At the entrance, one steps onto the inorganically cut Cuddapah stone alongside a brick clad wall. “The intention behind placing this stone surrounded by terrazzo, enclosed with marble and stone borders, is to signify importance to every person that enters the space.

The centre table is from N Square Studio and the throw is from Metaphorracha; Photography by Hemant Patil


The bar unit has been refurbished to give it a modern look. The floor lamp by Advanced Nature and S Curve Pendant Lamp by Claymango add a sleek touch here; Photography by Hemant Patil

It also lends a playful break from the grid-like flooring that has been cast in Indian marble and terrazzo beyond the foyer,” says Vaidehi. The kitchen stands adjacent to the living area and because the family wished to portray a connection to their roots in Kerala, a wall in the kitchen (visible from the living room) is painted with banana plant illustrations.

The L-shaped living area has a long dining table that becomes the focal point where the family gets together. The wall facing the bar unit has been treated with unpolished terrazzo that gives a raw and outdoor feel to this area. These west facing areas with full length windows have been fitted with banana fibre blinds that filter the harsh sunlight to bring in a beautiful light quality into the space.

Photography by Hemant Patil


Photography by Hemant Patil


The pale blue paint in the children’s room adds a slight contrast to the veneer furniture. The flooring is a beautiful alternate pattern of Cuddapah and terrazzo; Photography by Hemant Patil

As one crosses the wood panelling, on the right is the large master bedroom. The master bedroom’s floor is divided into two spaces. A family lounge area with low seating and the sleeping area with a king-sized bed flanked by bookshelves on both sides of the bed. 

“The design of this Pune home does not particularly follow or break away from any trend. The intention was to create a comfortable and warm space for all to relax and that is exactly what the space does,” concludes Vaidehi.

Taking inspiration from the curved theme prevalent in the room, the edges of the bed frame have been designed with elegant curves. Additionally, a blackboard has been seamlessly integrated into the children’s room, contributing to the overall aesthetic without compromising on vibrancy. The quilted bedspread and woven cover sourced from Kutch: Photography by Hemant Patil

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