Oris Architects transform this Mumbai home into a stylist’s serene escape

APR 15, 2024 | By Aanya Jain
Neutral tones with the natural light and the contrasting materials adds laid-back vibrancy to the space;Photography by Beej Lakhani; Styled by Pooja Palan
The neutral tones bathed in natural light create a tranquil escapade; Photography by Beej Lakhani
The living room brings together sophistication and comfort with a custom boucle sofa, paired with a sleek concrete finish centre table. Tying the space together is a hand-knotted rug from Jaipur Rugs. A plant and planter from Plant People add life to the otherwise monotone space. In the corner is a lamp from Ikea; Photography by Beej Lakhani
The bedroom comes to life with a wall mural from Mordani Interiors that is echoed on the wardrobe shutters. Mixed textural tones create a sense of visual harmony, seamlessly blending materials to evoke a sense of warmth and modernity. The wall lamps were sourced from Whispering Homes; Photography by Beej Lakhani
Inspired by Hollywood, the walk-in closet features a glamorous vanity inspired from makeup rooms across the pond. The track light was sourced from LightWorx; Photography by Beej Lakhani

Nestled in the bustling community of Lokhandwala, Mumbai, this apartment by Oris Architects is a serene escape. A celebration of tranquillity with natural textures and organic hues, the 720 sq ft open plan home for stylist and costume designer Eka Lakhani is perfect for one. All with a glimmering trove of couture and a space where her celebrity clients could feel comfortable.

“Early conversations with Eka were focused on ways to make the crumpled space with too many walls into an abode filled with natural light, where tactility added to the visual metamorphosis,” explains Ishita Lakhani, Co-Founder of Oris Architects along with Om Lakhani. 

Oris Architects
In the living room, a chair and footstool from Asian Arts with a Pichwai painting craft a cosy nook. The rug from Art Avenue complements the flooring from Mordani Interiors. Reflecting the circular form of the carpet is a side table from Objectry; Photography by Beej Lakhani; Styled by Pooja Palan


Oris Architects
The living room features a custom Bouclé sofa that pairs with the grey hues of the concrete finish centre table. The rug is from Jaipur Rugs. The plant and planters are from Plant People and the lamp is from IKEA; Photography by Beej Lakhani

A symphony of styles

Originally a two-bedroom layout, the home was configured into a spacious one-bedroom apartment. Eka desired something that was in stark contrast to the world of vibrant colours that she lives in for work.

She wanted to come back home to a clean slate, where less was more. It was therefore necessary that the colour palette was chosen with fine attention to detail. The team at Oris Architects made the decision to blend whites with warm tones of the natural world. So, a sanctuary was created — a blank canvas where she could replenish her creative spirit and recalibrate her vision for every new project. 

Oris Architects
Nestled in a nook by a window is this study area. A lamp from The White Teak Company serves as the perfect task light. A bespoke chair matches the proportions of the space. The Roman Blind sourced from Mordani Interiors, dresses the space to completion; Photography by Beej Lakhani

The home brings together Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern and Neo-classical design elements, embodying a convergence of distinct yet complementing contemporary flair. Whether it’s the boucle sofa and sleek console in the living room or mouldings on the TV wall. Continuing the theme of classic elements, a solid wood lounge chair is paired with a Pichwai painting.  

Oris Architects
The walk-in closet is a minimalist take on Hollywood makeup rooms, featuring a glamorous vanity. The track light is from LightWorx; Photography by Beej Lakhani

The synergy of clean lines, minimalism and aesthetics synonymous with Scandinavian design dovetails effortlessly with Mid-Century Modern features characterised by organic shapes and warm wood tones. The kitchen hosts a cascading breakfast counter accompanied by three wooden bar chairs. The waterfall counter and cabinets harmonise in a quartz, while the cabinets are framed in a sage green. 

Oris Architects
Bringing vibrancy to the otherwise muted home, the open breakfast counter introduces a sense of vitality and freshness. The kitchen was fitted out by Revere Kitchen, By the counter are chairs from Chair Factory. The hanging lights are an Oorja find; Photography by Beej Lakhani

The Neo-Classical Contemporary style offers a fresh interpretation of classical architecture, blending traditional with contemporary sensibilities to create a space that is timeless yet relevant to modern living. In the master bedroom, faux wood beams divide the space. On the left, the bed a family heirloom, takes centre stage. Set against a tropical mural, the bed faces a fluted wall.

The fusion of design philosophies within this home not only pays homage to the past but also propels the home into a realm of new-age luxury.

Oris Architects
The bedroom is a curated collection of textures and layers. A narrative of refined elegance and tactile warmth runs through the space. The double-layered curtain from Mordani Interiors brings textural richness to the space along with the mat from Spread Spain; Photography by Beej Lakhani


A bespoke mural from Mordani Interiors has the back of the solid wooden bed in a warmly lit bedroom that exudes timeless elegance. The cane wall lamps are from Whispering Homes; Photography by Beej Lakhani


The space, draped in muted hues, is complemented by the teak wood that brings a sense of warmth to the space; Photography by Beej Lakhani

A timeless tale

Oris Architects help this hope escape fleeting trends by prioritising a style, rather, a blend of styles that bring together modernity and classicism. The love for design that is possessed by the design team clearly shines through with the care and attention that is given to each space.

The wardrobe features shutters with an intrinsically Scandinavian design and gold handles from DesignDept. A must for any wardrobe is natural light that filters through the french window in this space; Photography by Beej Lakhani

“Each project we undertake is curated to align with the client’s unique lifestyle and preferences. Our design philosophy embodies a harmonious synergy of fresh, contemporary designs complemented by timeless elements, exquisite craftsmanship, and sophisticated finishes,” signs off Ishita. 

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