Organic simplicity meets a contemporary Indian style at this Pune home by S.ALT Atelier and Bharat Suthar & Associates

MAR 29, 2024 | By Aanya Jain
The dining space exudes timeless elegance, anchored by an eight-seater teak dining table with a Corian top. The chairs, upholstered in green leatherette, blend style with practicality, ensuring easy maintenance. The speakers from Bose elevate the space when entertaining guests; Photography by Anuja Kambli; Styled by Shuchi & Twisha Thakker
With weathered white walls by Asian Paints, the parent’s room is calm and quiet. The hanging bamboo light by The Inside Project together with the teak bed, creates a warm ambience. The bed is dressed with a Kantha work quilt from FabIndia; Photography by Anuja Kambli
The master bedroom is tranquillity personified with louvred window shutters and wooden rafters. The bedding from The Wall Story perfectly complements the grey flooring that grounds the space. This room seamlessly marries aesthetics with comfort, offering a view of the terrace from the bed; Photography by Anuja Kambli
A double-height ceiling bathes the space in natural light, creating a welcoming ambiance. The teak wood balustrades are not just a design element but also a functional masterpiece, widening the staircase while incorporating storage within. Custom bamboo pendant lights made by local artisans occupy the void; Photography by Anuja Kambli

In Pune, this sublime penthouse meets you in phases. Designed by S.ALT Atelier and executed by Bharat Suthar & Associates, the home spans a stunning 3,800 sq ft area, where sunlight seeps into the deepest corners and a strong connection to nature emerges parallelly. 

With views of the Baner hillocks, the home dubbed Plumeria Terrace, is an ideal urban retreat with a blend of contemporary design and Indian aesthetics. “The genesis of Plumeria Terrace was a collaborative journey with the homeowners. With an intensive discovery, we delved into their preferences, lifestyle and aspirations. The initial sessions along with a site visit resembled more of a dialogue than a traditional briefing,” explains Shantanu Waykar, Creative Head and Principal Designer at S.ALT Atelier. 

The entrance lobby peeks at the dining space further within. The attention to detail is clear in the framing of wall between the two spaces; Photography by Anuja Kambli; Styled by Shuchi & Twisha Thakker


Simple and clean, the entry foyer sets the tone for the rest of the home. Subtle stucco vitrified floor tiles ground the entry; Photography by Anuja Kambli

Clear and Contemporary

A clear vision ensued a clear design language. A strong focus was placed on versatility and functionality. With a family of 3 generations, this was key and each space was crafted with an understanding of the occupants’ lifestyles. This design language is furthered by the well-thought-out material palette. The base of this home revolved around the integration of earthy materials like wood, veneer and concrete. These were juxtaposed with black accents and Indian elements to create spaces that resonated with contemporary design. The warm tones of teak and wood brought a comforting feel, while the concrete contributed to the cool and contemporary feel. Accents of black were introduced through the hardware, making the spaces elegant. The balance between the warm, tactile feel of wood and the smooth, cool touch of concrete creates a dynamic interplay of textures. 

In the living room, a grey wall from The Concrete Works sets the backdrop. An inviting custom leather sofa pairs beautifully with the bespoke centre table. The IT consultants for this home were Augment IP Solutions LLP; Photography by Anuja Kambli


Contemporising the home, are bold blue custom chairs in the living room. Paired with an abstract carpet from D’Decor, the room is anchored through colours and textured. The rafters on the ceiling make the space snug; Photography by Anuja Kambli

Straightforward and Social

Enter a space that unfolds dramatically, from a small passage into a double-height space filled with natural light and boasting a grand staircase. Each step on this staircase is paired with the interplay of light and shadow from the many windows. By the entry are the laundry and guest rooms, each well-appointed and functional. Further, one moves into the heart of the home—the living and dining areas. Designed for comfort, the spaces bathe in natural light and cater to the needs of the family with ample storage. “Designing the living and dining space of Plumeria Terrace was an absolute delight, and it stands as my personal favourite amidst the design journey. 

Sunlight filters through into the dining room that enjoys a framed view of the staircase. Black pendant lights from IKEA cast a warm glow in the evenings, creating an intimate ambiance. An HVAC system from Daikin and Arstech, ensures optimal comfort. The home runs on automation, fitted out by MK Enterprise, Pune; Photography by Anuja Kambli


In the guest room, simplicity meets functionality. A teak wooden bed and wardrobes provide a classic touch, while side tables with quartz white stone tops add contemporary flair. The bed back olive green wall brings a subtle pop of colour without overwhelming the space; Photography by Anuja Kambli

The challenge lay in transforming a space with its unique constraints into a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality,” explains Shantanu Waykar. Beside the living area are the kitchen and mandir, both seamlessly integrated into the overall layout of the home. Also on this floor are the parents’ and daughters’ rooms. The parents’ bedroom is warm and inviting, while the daughters’ room is playful with a colourful wallpaper and window bench. 

A teak bed takes centre stage in the master bedroom, artfully paired with black wooden side
tables and a chest of drawers. A Sabyasachi wallpaper, adorned with Indian motifs, brings an old colonial charm to the room; Photography by Anuja Kambli


In the master bedroom, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with fabric shutters break away from the otherwise earthy theme of the home with electric blue borders; Photography by Anuja Kambli


The daughters’ room is functional yet playful with a floral wallpaper. Two Separate beds offer
flexibility, easily moved aside to create a play area. The generous window seat provides a cosy corner for everything ranging from reading to daydreaming; Photography by Anuja Kambli

The second floor is dedicated to socialisation and relaxation. Each space is crafted for comfort and entertainment. A movie room, bar and study occupy the majority of the footprint, each with a distinct character yet tied together with earthy tones. The master bedroom is strategically placed to enjoy the best view the duplex has to offer and is secluded from the hub-bub of the rest of the home. A covered terrace leads one to the main terrace, where the narrative extends to the outdoors, creating spaces for relaxation, social gatherings and pure bliss. 

In the movie room is an Irish themed bar with ample storage. The audio visuals were set up by Touchwood Automations; Photography by Anuja Kambli

The perfect pair

The pairing of S.ALT Atelier and Bharat Suthar & Associates has resulted in a home that seamlessly flows from one space into the next, be it the design style, colour palette or simple use of natural light. The careful consideration of every square foot, the incorporation of the clients’ needs, and the creation of a space that invites both relaxation and social gatherings is what truly stands out. 

A perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, the terrace has a PVC floor that allows for easy maintenance. Solar panels from Solar Square help run the home efficiently. Soft furnishings from The Wall Story soften the space; Photography by Anuja Kambli

“We always go in with the belief that every corner of a home, no matter how challenging, can be transformed into a canvas for design ingenuity”, signs off Shantanu. 


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