No-Mad’s South Mumbai store breaks conventional boundaries and embraces the authenticity of street culture

FEB 22, 2024 | By Namrata Dewanjee
Inspired by stills from everyday life, the store crafts an aura of authenticity; Photography courtesy of No-Mad
Inside their South Mumbai store, No-Mad conjures a distinct identity rooted in Indian culture; Photography courtesy of No-Mad
The products showcased by the EDIDA-winning brand capture the essence of multiple geographies throughout the country and beyond; Photography courtesy of No-Mad

Sauntering the lanes of the historical Fort district in Mumbai, it is far too tempting to ponder the notion of culture — how it lives in everyday interactions on the streets to how it is sealed in the masonry of splendid edifices.

However, as you find yourself amidst the arcades and underneath the sombre bearded faces of Horniman Circle, you must prepare yourself to have all long-held conceptions challenged as before you stands the Red Door, a curious gateway to the subversive and tongue-in-cheek new store of No-Mad. Evocative of the understated yet whimsical aura of the EDIDA-winning label, the space revels in the spirit of serendipitous countercultures. 

The interiors of the space are designed and creatively directed by Anuj Kothari and Marlies Bloemendaal; Photography courtesy of No-Mad


Building on years of learning, No-Mad presents an outlook that is minimalistic yet full of character; Photography courtesy of No-Mad

In a cartography of influences, the home textile and decor accessories brand traverses the terrains of the country and beyond, to craft a line of products that reflect the evolution of the label itself. Intimate and meditative, the interiors designed and creatively directed by Anuj Kothari and Marlies Bloemendaal are a repository of the wisdom, minimalism and authenticity, acquired by No-Mad over the years.

Delving deeper into the philosophy of the brand, it is the playful contrast between their rooted luxury and a global appeal that sets them apart. Elaborating on the experience of their South Mumbai outpost, Anuj explains, “We are looking at offering a far more immersive experience to the customer. Besides browsing and shopping, we want to interact and engage with our customers — helping them choose, and customise products over a cup of coffee.” 

The dreamlike space is peppered with patterns and objets d’art that amplify the narrative of the wandering soul; Photography courtesy of No-Mad

 No-Mad takes influence from delightful nuances of the world around yet each creation harbours an introspective conversation with the self, subtly redefining what makes a dwelling a home. Through motifs and silhouettes stencilled from life’s vignettes, from the doorknob shaped like the head of a bull to the melange of products on display, the store celebrates the off-beat, stepping away from traditional trappings.

The tacit knowledge and the expertise of Indian artisans shape No-Mad’s collection with an appeal beyond borders; Photography courtesy of No-Mad

Staying to the name of the label, conveying an air of transience, Anuj mentions, “We are also looking at recreating the look of the store every few months, pointing to a unique theme centred around the home.” So the next time you find yourself in the colonial precinct of the city, dare to venture beyond the facades and discover how undercurrents of subcultures derived from happenstance on the streets can inform sophisticated design that is aware of its roots.

Scroll down to catch glimpses of the store…

In a flash of red and a playful bull-head door knob, the entrance evokes a sense of curiosity that invites you inside; Photography courtesy of No-Mad


Motifs inspired by street culture can be found throughout the space, from the products to the decor; Photography courtesy of No-Mad


Provocative and intriguing, the store is subsumed in a brilliant red influenced by the totems and rituals of the country that are entrenched in the hue; Photography courtesy of No-Mad


The decor collectibles harken back to the vibrancy of Indian streets with a worldly appeal; Photography courtesy of No-Mad

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