No-Mad launches its first store in the oldest and iconic Mumbai market

NOV 23, 2018 | By Aneesha Bhadri
(L-R) No-Mad Fabric Shop in Mumbai;Shelves of different fabrics at No-Mad.
After wading your way through the jostling Mumbai bazaar, you will chance upon the quaint No-Mad Fabric store – a lovely respite with its cool interiors and soothing aromas; a shockingly pleasant contrast to its environment. In this day and age of people setting up online stores, the fabric shop remains unfazed by the digital rage – swims against the tide to set up a retail store in the financial capital of the country, which is also the first of its kind in the bazaar.

The No-Mad Fabric Shop invites designers and enthusiasts alike to kick off their shoes, clamber on a cosy gadda and explore No-Mad’s collections of varied fabrics and accessories. Founder Anuj Kothari and Creative Director Valerie Barkowski deliberately chose the busy Mangaldas Market. “When I explore a city I always start with the souk or the bazaar. At Mangaldas market you can learn so much by simply observing the locals — how they examine the details of the fabrics and how they decide what will be made from them,” says Valerie.

Step into this calm oasis and indulge in a sensorial feast. As you curiously glance around the store, you will be enticed by the kaleidoscopic prints and patterns of fabrics – an enticing blend of tradition and modernity. The space exudes the vibe of a quintessential Indian fabric shop with stacks and displays of metal trunks, trinkets, tin cash boxes and boldly printed shopping bags. Anuj Kothari, the brainchild behind the conceptual store explains the synergy: ” As mentioned by Valarie, the market is a virtual playground for design fans. There are few settings more authentically Indian than this historic market, and we are delighted to be a small part of it.”