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Nikhil Paul: Name to know

FEB 11, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

He ventured into the Indian design fraternity 5 years ago with WeMakeLove, a product design studio. Since then the young New Delhi based product designer has been exploring his love for design with all things simple, geometric and handcrafted. Based out of New Delhi, he has now taken his fascination for lights to a whole new level with the debut of the recently launched Tango range for his new lighting studio and atelier Paul Matter.
His range of illuminators, that comprise lights and candles are meant to fill a unique gap between lights that are fully contemporary and completely vintage in design. “We wanted to combine both the aesthetic styles, so we started working with mid-century modern forms with aged materials like brass,” he divulges.
Further elaborating on his creative process, he adds “We aim to create sculptural forms that are also functional and practical at the same time. The Tango collection came about by experimenting with a vintage lighting component – the Swivel – which was used in the 20th century.”
While the Tango series sports low hung lights in two version – one in brass and etched glass, the range also includes an innovative candle stand named satellite. Each of his lights that branch out into geometrical tangents with their adjustable arms, come completely customisable so they can be arranged in a cluster to form bespoke chandeliers of any size. On the other hand, The Tango line also features Satellite, a candle holder with a metal sphere that will be adapted into illuminators and chandeliers for his next collection. “The radiance of candle light reflects of the metallic sphere which further acts as a handle and counter weight, ” he clarifies.
An ardent admirer of Italian architect and industrial designer Gio Ponti, Nikhil strives to create simplistic forms with minimalist aesthetic. All lights by Paul Matter are handmade and hand finished with brass and patinated and he hopes to develop his style of handmade art using fresh materials like stone and leather while also incorporating elements of Indian crafts.  Fresh from the debut of Tango, he has already started work on his second series of illuminations that will reflect his mastery over contemporary geometrical aesthetics.
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