#NewCollectionAlert: Premium Basins by Sternhagen

DEC 28, 2016 | By Nishita Fiji
Basins tend to be one of the most underrated elements in a bathroom. So perhaps it’s time you upgraded this component of your daily routine. We recommend German label Sternhagen’s new range of premium basins. Their seven distinctive offerings include Pent, Kristall, Dune, Golden Cut, Seerose, Kirs and Sand, each named after the inspiration it took cues from.
While Kristall makes rays of light reflect and refract on every cut and corner, Dune takes the form of ripples on the ocean floor or sand swept desert. The beauty of Pent basin is drawn from the geometric shapes that naturally exist in the world. Available in monochrome hues and edgy shapes, these would be ideal for a contemporary wash space.
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