#NewCollectionAlert: Hermes’ maiden range of outdoor fabrics

JAN 17, 2017 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Perspective Cavaliere Bayadere in colour M03. Horizon in colour M02. Mini Circuit in colour M05. Pavage in colour M03. Rivage in colour M01. Terre d'H in colour M03.
A galore of beautiful couture, incredible colours and avant-garde designs, fashion leaves us with great inspiration but often with no clue how to use it. Not anymore, Parisian fashion house Hermes’ new collection isn’t reserved only for your closet – it is translated into a home series perfect for your patio, porch and poolside.
The label launches its first ever line of outdoor fabrics. These fibres resist light, abrasion and mould, to meet the technical requirements of the outside universe. A wide array of compositions is offered through an interplay of patterns and bold graphics, prints and jacquards.  This approach is expressed in four colour harmonies with the Perspective Cavaliere Bayadère and Pavage prints, the Terre d’H and Mini circuit 24 jacquards, Horizon, a faux-plain twill, and Rivage, a plain canvas. We are absolutely mesmerised by Perspective Cavaliere Bayadere, where letters come together, merge and jumble like building blocks.
Photographs by ArtOfCol courtesy Hermes
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