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#NewCollectionAlert: Asian Paints launches The Earth Series for exterior walls

DEC 15, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
To maximise the self-expressive potential that exteriors can offer, Asian Paints has introduced The Earth Series from Apex Ultima Wall Art. A groundbreaking line, it allows you to customise one of four concepts – Tree of Life, Prayer for Earth, Walk in the Woods and Flow – in terms of colours and size. An interplay of art and flora and fauna forms, the designs are etched by artisans on the walls.
In meaning and form, Flow is open to diverse interpretation that is inspired by the drift of water. You can choose from two distinct expressions either reminiscent of watercolours or defined outlines, visualised to suit a range of building styles. Prayer for Earth combines the shape of pebbles, their colours and the symbols of life that can be engraved/screen printed on it. Depending on the form of your building and the symbols you connect personally with, you can play with different combinations of the three elements to arrive at an arrangement that’s just right.
Deriving from the form of a wild mushroom and footprints that burst with life, Walk in the Woods is a contemplative piece. We are mesmerised by the Tree of Life design. Accentuating the sinews and natural lines of the tree, this variation has a raw, artistic feel juxtaposed with the antlers of a lone deer that displays various animals on its horns.
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