Formnorm studio presents Lagom house in Hyderabad

MAY 9, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
The living room sets the pace for the rest of the home with a blue and brown palette; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal
Entrance to the tranquil space; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal
The kids' bedroom features a bunk bed with underlying storage; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal
The master bedroom dons a wooden ensemble, layered with floral furnishings; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal
Solid bed cloths contrast against the printed pillows in the guest room; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal

Cocooned in the City of Pearls is Lagom house, a 1,650 sq ft apartment for four. Conceived by designers Harshita Singh and Tanay Dey of New Delhi based practice Formnorm, the home’s unique and experimental design ideologies focus on intrinsic details that add character, while weaving in their own aesthetic. Located on the 15th floor and spanning three bedrooms, the abode was designed with minimalism as its key ideology to match the panoramic view of Hyderabad’s western suburbs.

Each room’s function influenced its theme and character. A subtle monotone palette of canvas layered with white oak wood complemented with an array of textures, soft furnishings, rugs and graphics, this home was built to fit each family member’s personality. “We ensured a beautiful yet practical design for the space,” says Harshita. On the journey to finding the right balance, the home was christened “Lagom”—Swedish for ‘just right’—as it served as inspiration to create a similar synergy when crafting the interiors as well as exteriors of the home.

Wood cloaked study area for the children; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal
Perfect harmony is seen throughout with ample natural light from the outside and sufficient privacy inside. A custom-built movable Louvre system acts as a screen to filter the sunlight and ensures solitude throughout the day. To create an easy transition between spaces from day to night, softer forms with contoured corners were created with colours that take inspiration from serene Nordic landscapes, paired with one new colour for each room to lend an identity. With meticulous planning and chic aesthetics, Lagom House exudes tranquillity with calm light and clean lines.