Neogenesis+Studi0261 shows us how to create a green, sustainable workspace

MAR 26, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
(L-R) Left: Nordic style was embraced to keep the area clean and void of clutter; Right: Principal advocate's cabin seating;Optimization of natural lighting and ventilation in the workspace ;Advocate office's waiting area;Waiting area outside the architect's office;Left: Nordic style was embraced to keep the area clean and void of clutter; Right: Principal advocate's cabin seating.

“Think Green,” may as well be Surat-based, Neogenesis+Studi0261’s design ethos when they started to build their 3600 sq ft workspace in Surat’s commercial hub. The newly built structure is also a shared premise with a professional firm. Bringing the outdoors in — the location is enveloped by lush trees and openings that allow ample daylight and ventilation throughout the areas. The design justifies the surroundings through its forms and spaces that keep the interior isolated yet connected to the external environment.

Conceptualization The interiors of the studio are crafted in a warm and earthy palette, embracing the natural elements of the outdoors. Enter and you will find pieces of reclaimed wood and plants, nonchalantly lying around. Concrete conceived a biophilic form within the studio — complete with lime plastered walls and terrazzo flooring that builds warmth and colour. Embracing contemporary and local design, elements of Nordic style and fading detailing techniques peeks out from within the area.

“The choice and detailing of elements was additionally an endeavour to keep the overall look grounded and earthy and to revive the local artistry and building materials,” says Chinmay Laiwala, lead architect of Neogenesis+Studi0261. All that adds up to a lot of time spent at your desk, which really brings home the importance of making that place feel comforting. “A workplace is that single space where we tend to spend more hours than we do in our homes.

The core idea focused on creating a home-like feeling and in addition, a disciplined expanse since the floor is shared by two unique professionals, architects and advocates,” says Chinmay. “It is crafted to connect yet separate synchronously; to allow the simplicity and diversity to co-exist,” he adds. Spatial EnvironmentWith the reemergence of sustainable living, there has been a renewed interest in studio-owners finding products that have been recycled and used in new ways, reclaimed or repurposed into new functions.

“Application and advancement of eco-friendly materials and optimisation of natural lighting and ventilation together structure a sustainable practice,” says the architect. The workplace is designed to facilitate ease of movement and open communication.

The passage clears into regular Kota foyer with interiorscaping to make a natural, good environment while adding aesthetics to the space. The main foyer further leads to two separate offices – the architect’s studio and advocates office. “The selection and blend of materials, the manner in which they have been utilized, the measure of the openings, all have been driven by recalling the humid climate of Surat, to make an agreeable environment to the user and re-arousing the lost practices,” he concludes.