Neha and Sachin Gupta of Beyond Designs craft a pool house in Delhi

JUN 9, 2020 | By Aneesha Bhadri
The living room
The exterior facade
The living room in evening light
The living room in evening light
The pool area
The bathrooms

Natural light streams in through floor to ceiling windows, illuminating the opulent bespoke furnishings indoors. The pool house belonging to a family of four simply oozes luxe appeal with sumptuous textiles, glinting chandeliers, stately marble accents and dark wood flooring. Styled by Neha and Sachin Gupta, founders of Beyond Designs, the 12,000 sq ft residence sits on a sprawling three acre farm and reflects the tastes and lifestyle of its inhabitants – globetrotting art collectors and outdoor enthusiasts.

As you enter the house from the porch, you step into the entrance foyer that leads you to the family lounge and dining room with a screen separating the two. Beyond this lies the master bedroom, guest room and kitchen. Here, a double-height staircase takes you to the basement that houses most of the formal spaces – a living room, dining area, bar, powder room, pantry, along with two rooms for the daughters. The basement level opens to the lawns, gardens, gazebo and pool.

The dining room

The material palette is a decadent medley of wood, stones, metal, brass, onyx, crystal, velvets and silks. “We opted for a soft, pastel palette with brighter shades only for accents. The outdoor space, the formal living quarters feature subtle shades in the backdrop, with vibrant hues seen in the accents and soft furnishings. Since the overall palette is mostly soft and neutral, the saturated shades in the accent pieces help in striking a balance,” explain the interior designers.

The formal living room sees a timeless confluence of the classic and contemporary, while the bedrooms depict a modern contemporary theme, with European touches in the paisley fabric cladding on side tables, quilted leather headboards, padded beds, floral wallpaper and mirrored sideboards. “The space stays true to Beyond Designs’ signature style: layered fusion of contemporary and classic ethos, with hints of European influences, especially that of French, since the clients too are partial to it. The neo-classical style comes alive with a play of light, heightened by grand chandeliers and hanging lights,” the Guptas add.

The bar space


A pristine white marble table is placed near the fireplace

The dining room is modern with a stone topped dining table and upholstered chairs. The chandelier is characteristically European, while the console and brass table lamps have a contemporary look. The bathroom is also a mélange of old and new, with checkered flooring, and European style chandeliers and furniture. “The gazebo, which is the formal living space, is the one we enjoyed designing the most. It showcases an exquisite contemporary grandness in the neo classical style. Even as so many opulent features come together, the space exudes a Zen like harmony,” says Gupta.

The bathroom features monochrome checkered flooring


Elegant details and an opulent chandelier is placed in the bathroom